Free Comic Book Day 2017

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Free Comic Book Day 2017

Now Updated for Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day is an annual freebie day where you can visit a local comic book store and take home a comic book or even a pile of comic books for free.

Date of Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day always takes place on the first Saturday in May each year.

This year, Free Comic Book Day is on May 6, 2017.

Comic Book Shops Participating in Free Comic Book Day

Comic book shops in the U.S., Canada, and even some other countries participate in Free Comic Book Day.

Use the Free Comic Book Day Store Locator to find comic book shops near you that will be giving out free comics.

Free Comics That Are Available for Free Comic Book Day

Each comic book shop will give away at least one free comic book to each person that enters the shop, no purchase necessary.

Since each comic book shop participates in Free Comic Day a little bit differently, you may be able to get more than one free comic book. My local comic book shop has let customers pick out 10-20 comics of their choice in past years. If you have any questions, just call your local shop and ask.

Here are the free comics that are available for Free Comic Book Day 2017. You can view the comic covers and get previews for most of the comics.

2017 Gold Books:

  • Betty & Veronica FCBD 2017 Edition #1
  • Bongo Comics Free-for-All FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Boom! Studios Summer Blast FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Dark Horse Briggs Land James Cameron Avatar FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Doctor Who FCBD 2017 Edition
  • I Hate Image (MR) FCBD 2017
  • Rick & Morty FCBD 2017
  • Secret #1 FCBD 2017
  • Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken FCBD 2017
  • Legend Zelda Twilight Princess FCBD 2017
  • Wonder Woman #1 Special Edition FCBD 2017
  • X-O Monowar Special FCBD 2017

2017 Silver Books:

  • 2000 AD Special FCBD 2017 Edition
  • All New Guardians of Galaxy #1 FCBD 2017
  • Animal Jam FCBD 2017
  • Attack on Titan FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Bad Machinery FCBD 2017
  • Ballad of Franklin Bonisteel FCBD 2017
  • Barbie FCBD 2017
  • Boom Fresh Off the Boat FCBD 2017
  • Catalyst Prime The Event FCBD 2017
  • Chapterhouse Captain Canuck FCBD 2017
  • Colorful Monsters FCBD 2017
  • Dark Horse All-Ages Buffy High School & PVZ FCBD 2017 Edition
  • DC Super Hero Girls Summer Olympus Preview FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Graphix Spotlight Time Shifters FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Grimm Fairy Tales #1 FCBD 2017
  • Guy Delsle & Findakly Trondheim FCBD 2017
  • Hildas Back FCBD 20176 Edition
  • Incal FCBD 2017
  • Keyser Soze the Rift FCBD 2017
  • Kid Savage FCBD 2017
  • Lady Mechanika FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Looking Glass Wars Crossfire FCBD 2017
  • Loud House FCBD 2017
  • Malika Warrior Queen FCBD 2017
  • Miraculous Illustrates Lady Bug & Cat Noir FCBD 2017
  • Monster High FCBD 2017
  • Riverdale FCBD 2017
  • Spill Night FCBD 2017
  • Spongebob Freestyle Funnies FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Steam Wars Strike Leader FCBD 2017
  • Street Fighter V Wrestling Special FCBD 2017 Edition
  • The Stuff of Legend Preview FCBD 2016 Edition
  • Tex Patagonia FCBD 2017
  • The Tick FCBD 2017 Edition
  • TMNT Prelude to Dimension X FCBD 2017
  • Tokyopop Disney Descendants DCOM #1 FCBD 2017
  • Underdog FCBD 2017
  • Viz Dragon Ball Super & Boruto FCBD 2017

You can find out a lot more details about Free Comic Book Day by reading the FCBD FAQ’s.

Free Comic Book Day 2017 Conclusion

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