review by ForexSQ financial experts, learn what is calendar and how to use news indicator app for gold and FX news. Review

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Forex Factory launched in 2004, the website is designed exclusively to provide market intelligence to forex traders. To make great decisions, traders need information that’s accurate, fast, reliable, insightful, and accessible – these five qualities are therefore at the heart of ForexFactory.

Every aspect of the website is the result of an uncompromising design approach that’s focused on supporting forex traders. Countless features have been dedicated to quickening the collection of information, and a myriad of systems are employed to lend context to opinions and reduce noise. The site has been developed and refined for over twelve years, resulting in a trading environment with unmatched professionalism and productivity.

The members of Forex Factory are some of the brightest minds in the trading world. Their intellect, experience, generosity, and humor gives life to the website and makes it an oasis for trading. Forex Factory is one of the few places on Earth where people from every country and every creed come together, put aside their differences, and work toward a common goal. This productive environment brings out the best in traders, and allows them to progress by leaps and bounds. Calendar

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The Calendar product is so innovative that it literally changed the way financial calendars are made. Before Forex Factory, calendars didn’t have impact ratings, adjustable time zones, detail views, filters, links to event sources, real-time data releases, economic charts – and the list goes on. But it takes a lot more than a great interface to deliver a quality economic calendar – ForexFactory employs a highly-trained team of financial economists who work 24/7 to ensure the calendar is accurate and thorough. The Calendar is so legendary for its reliability and awareness that many competing calendars use Forex Factory as their main source!

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