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Forex software firms

The past week saw a flurry of activity from a variety of leading Forex software providers, highlighting the inreasing reliance of Forex firms on third-party providers. The announcements included:

Gold-i introduces the “257 Plug-in” enhancement to its Super Low Latency Bridge, aimed at the Japanese market. Apparently the very strict Japanese regulatory environment is creating opportunities to firms such as Gold-i, a leading MT-related technologies and solutions provider. The enhancement, which (among other things) an “enhanced limits mode” where a client placing an order could not fill immediately at the volume and price they wanted (mainly relevant for gold and silver trading), was developed together with Gold-i’s Japanese partner, Xbridge. For the full Gold-i annouuncement click here.

CPattern announced that Leverate will offer its Guardian Angel product to Leverate clients. CPattern is an interesting software firm which applies the worlds of “BI” (business intelligence software) and behavior analysis to Forex trading. Its Guardian Angel product allows traders to analyze their trading patterns versus “the market” (e.g., do I always buy just before a dip?), and eliminate poor behavior from their trading patterns. Leverate rose recently on people’s radar after announcing that Saxo Bank had purchased 25% of the company.

Boston Technologies now offering access to Hotspot FX. Clients of Boston Technologies can now seamlessly get access to Forex ECN Hotspot FX. This partnership is a way for Hotspot to tap small to mid size clients (e.g. mid-size Forex brokers) – clients which might otherwise find a Hotspot connection to be too expensive and/or taxing technologically. See the full release here.

cTrader expanding international sales effort. London-based cTrader, whose solution allows market-maker Forex firms to efficiently add an ECN option for clients (with their lead client being FxPro), has added some senior personnel to help take its ECN platform solution global. Joining cTrader are Steve Winters (ex Currensee, GFT-UK and City Index), Brian Martin (Thomson Reuters), Cameron Kim (CMC Markets, MIG BANK), and Terry Gamell (International Treasury Services).

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