Forex Frequently Asked Questions

What is ForexSQ

Forex Frequently Asked Questions list about ForexSQ, An online place that the traders can use to discover and share the financial content on the web is ForexSQ. ForexSQ has received maximum votes for providing the most valuable trading stuff to the members of ForexSQ. There are no editors hired at ForexSQ but the users are the editors who value the content.

2-How can I submit my story to ForexSQ?

This is a very simple process. If you are professional financial writer then contact us and send your resume and previous articles you wrote before, If we accept you we will contact you.

3-Can I access ForexSQ through my mobile?

Yes,  ForexSQ is a responsive website works with tablets and mobiles.

4-I have seen an offensive comment, how can I complaint about it?

A comment voted down gets buried and when the comment reaches the sufficient burries, we take it for review. You can contact us telling the URL of a direct comment and we will look at it.

5-How to edit a story that I have already submitted?

You cannot edit a story because we have reserved this permission with us. Only we can edit a story so tell us the URL of your ForexSQ story if you are the original submitter and also tell us the changes you want to make such as the title, category and description of the updated story. It is just to ensure that the stories are edited correctly and only at the request of the responsible submitter.

6-Can I submit a story if there is no relevant topic for it or how will the problem of topic be managed?

No if its not related to financial category but if its a financial article you can submit your story by selecting a topic that is closest to your story.

7-How can I put a ForexSQ button my site?

Just check our Publisher tools for the required information.

8-Is the submission of a duplicate story permitted on ForexSQ?

Sorry, the duplicate stories are not permitted so please submit fresh stories. If there are similar stories coming to us from different sources then we will leave this to our users to decide if the story is a duplicate or a fresh perspective is offered in the story.

9-What can I do if I have a question that is not list on your FAQ page?

We have listed most common questions on our Forex Frequently Asked Questions page and it can never be possible that we list those questions also that may enter any brain in future. If you have a question that is not listed on our Forex Frequently Asked Questions page then the simple way to get the answer to your question is ask us and we answer your question as soon as possible. Asking of questions is free so don’t hesitate and get your problems resolved.

10-I want to report a bug, abuse or a problem, how can I do it?

If a bug, abuse or a problem comes to your eyes the please Contact Us and let us know the problem. We will respond to it quickly.

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