Forex brokers, main participants in the global financial market

A lot of Americans claim that they have done much more to save the world from the “brown plague” than the Soviet Union, along with all European countries that fought against fascism. The indiscretion and arrogance of such statements causes, at a minimum, a feeling of anger. And if you study well the events of those times, then we can safely say that the Americans are the only ones who have benefited from this terrible war. It was the states that credited the governments of European countries that needed money to restore the national economy. Waiting for a turning point in World War II, they “joined” in it when no one doubted the Allied victory. As a result, after the complete defeat of Hitler, they could dictate to the whole world their conditions for the provision of economic assistance. The Bretton Woods system, in which 44 of the most advanced countries of the world took part, not only strengthened the position of $ 1944, making it “indestructible”, but also the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development were created on it. And in the 1970s, the gold and foreign exchange standard was completely abolished, which made it possible to turn the dollar into the main currency of the world, which does not require any evidence, etc.

Why such a long introduction? All of the above events are directly related to our topic. In general, the above position of Americans in the Second World War had a lot of consequences for the economy of the whole world. But to use the gold standard further as a real confirmation of the solvency of money was not possible. The growth rate of the world economy significantly exceeded the rate of gold production! Even ordinary people, not to mention economists, well understood the need to do something!

Currency strong economies will save the world!

This is exactly what many financiers thought, and most of them didn’t even suspect how money would behave if it was not tied to specific material values. Rise / fall of the course led to the main topic of our review. Currency speculators, earning money on a completely new business line, did not even suspect that by their actions they made the currency remain in real corridors of its value.

The main subjects / objects of this activity are:

• Stock market / stock exchange (the place where financial transactions were concluded).

• Purchased / sold currencies.

• Forex brokers are companies, that provide their clients access to currency pairs.

• Currency pairs – one currency is bought, the other is sold.

• Commission – the broker’s fee for the operation performed.

• Spread – payment for trading actions or the difference between selling and buying money.

Modern brokerage companies

Today, firms that provide traders with access to global financial markets are rarely engaged in currency pairs alone. They offer their customers securities, commodities, precious metals, CFD contracts and other assets. Another important change in the functioning of brokers is the ability to conduct operations using the Internet and appropriate computer equipment. In all other respects, a forex broker is the same company as it was several decades ago. We can fully agree with this if we are talking about decent participants in the global financial market. But, unfortunately, nowadays, along with the development of technology, an increase in brokers working by their own rules has been observed. Many of them do not even withdraw the money of their clients to the financial markets, but keep it at themselves or a certain part of themselves put on other resources. Such brokers are called “bookmakers” or “kitchens”.

Of course, for most readers, the main result is a positive result in the form of a good profit, but why then, do not make such an activity legal? Make the necessary work rules, prepare an appropriate list of requirements for them, etc.

To the list of these methods, you can add «synchronous trading». This is an opportunity to make profits in the forex market by copying the deals of successful traders. This method is suitable even for those traders who do not even suspect how the global financial market works. Usually take part in such operations:

• successful trader;

• trader who duplicates deals of other traders;

• investor.

In such operations, it is better to immediately discuss control methods. Practice shows that where money rotates, there will always be a temptation to deceive the investor at least a little.

How to choose a reliable broker ?

You do not need to be a professional analyst to guess that today, the income level of a trader depends heavily on the broker with whom he cooperates.

But where to find it?

First of all, you need to remember that are not always the most profitable in terms of work. Practice shows that sometimes, thus, fraudsters lure unsuspecting users into their “networks”.

Experienced traders recommend:

• Search for information about the company’s activities in the media and collect about it, as much as possible objective facts.

• Ensure that you have a license and other documents from reputable organizations that give the right to provide financial services. Please note that a document of a normal institution can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a license from an island of 1-2 thousand euros.

• Number of customers and the dynamics of their changes.

• The quality of the support service of this broker.

• Availability of broker representative offices in different countries of the world.

• Such a criterion as lists of best / worst forex brokers does not always reflect the real state of affairs. Nowadays, you can find a hacker who will very quickly make a two-day company the best trader in the world. Therefore, do not trust this criterion 100%.

Today, experienced traders choose brokers such as Iron FX, FxPro, Plus500, TeleTrade, AvaTrade, and also worldwide brokers like: Fix Trade, Forex Club, TeleTrade Group, TrustForex, etc.

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