Finding Jobs at Company Websites

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Finding Jobs at Company Websites

If you have a targeted list of companies to approach for job openings, going directly to the source to search for work on their company website is an effective job search method. At many company sites, you can apply for all levels of positions online – from part-time hourly work to top management positions.

Benefits of Finding Jobs at Company Websites

If you find positions that catch your eye through large job search websites like Monster, make a list of those jobs and then go to the companies’ websites and apply through them instead.

The benefit is that you’ll be competing against a smaller pool of applicants, which will naturally decrease the competition for your dream job. How much higher is the competition through job sites? According to data by Jobs2web Inc., a business that helps firms analyze hiring data, six times as many people actually apply through job boards rather than directly through company websites.

Navigating to Company Websites

There are several ways to find company websites:

  • Check Company Profiles – these company profiles have career and employment information for many top employers.
  • Check .Jobs – Companies use the .jobs extension to direct job seekers straight to their company information. For instance, if you’re looking for a job at Microsoft, type jobs or careers. Also, check – you’ll be able to search for jobs posted on company websites and jobs listed on state job boards.
  • Use LinkUp – Job search engine LinkUp searches just for jobs on company web sites.
  • Leverage the job aggregators – Sites such as Indeed troll the web constantly for job postings; check to see if the business you’re interested in is listed.

How to Search Company Websites

Jobs are typically listed in the Careers section of the employer’s website, though they could also fall under the About Us section or at the bottom of the page in a link to “More Information.” Just about every company has detailed employment information including job openings, an employment application, company locations, benefits and how to apply online.

Find More Company Information

Don’t stop there. Use websites like Glassdoor, Vault, and LinkedIn that provide company information to research the business further and to find connections who can help you get hired.

What a Company’s Job Postings Reveal

A company’s career section provides a window into their corporate world and the image they present–, it’s up to you to read between the lines. Are the postings easily accessible, clear, professional and well written? Are there a large number of openings or many openings concentrated in one area? It could indicate a company poised for growth or one that’s experiencing high turnover and therefore needs a constant supply of applicants.

No Job Listings?

Not all employers list job openings online, but their website can still be a tool to learn a wealth of information about the company itself that you can use to further your search and even leverage should you get to the stage of an interview. Get a sense of how they present their business online. Is their site rich with information or simply a sales tool? Well constructed or slightly fly by night? The company’s online presence can shine a light on the business as a whole.

Finding Jobs at Company Websites Conclusion

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