How Experts Stay on Top With Real Estate News

How Experts Stay on Top With Real Estate News explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team. 

How Experts Stay on Top With Real Estate News

Read any number of real estate news or business articles or blog posts about growing your business, and most of them will tell you that it’s important to position yourself as a (or THE) local real estate market expert. People want to deal with knowledgeable experts when it comes to major purchases and complex paperwork. In the Internet world, they’re able to do thorough research, so it’s even more important to be the knowledgeable resource they locate before they make a decision.

Two Ways Being a Real Estate News Expert Will Make Business Grow

1. We are in a time-intensive business, between marketing, working with customers and handling complicated transactions. Keeping up with real estate news in our local market area is difficult enough, and trying to stay on top of national news is even more challenging. However, with our clients becoming more knowledgeable themselves through the Web, it’s even more important that we know what’s going on with regards to:

  • federal, state and local regulations
  • mortgage rules and rates
  • market cycles and price trends
  • local zoning and property use rules
  • and more…

We should constantly be displaying our knowledge and market expertise, on the Internet, in person, and in print. We will gain more clients when we’ve created a business presence that says we’re experts at our job.

2. How many of us are doing newsletters, whether via snail mail or email?

What kind of content is in your newsletter? Is it getting more difficult every issue to come up with new ideas and interesting content? The answer to the content challenges is re-purposing news content. First, you read it for your personal and business benefit. Then, you re-purpose it as news for your prospects, clients, and contacts.

Don’t just copy the news items into your newsletter. Comment on what the news means for your local market. How will it affect buyers, sellers, and prices? It’s OK to voice an opinion as well, but stay politically neutral. What you’re doing is bringing important national, regional and local real estate news items to the attention of your newsletter recipients. And, you’re adding your expertise to help them to interpret it with the local market in mind.

Be Efficient to Make the Most of Real Estate News

Sure, there is a lot going on, but there are resources to keep up with it for our betterment. You don’t have to subscribe to a bunch of newsletters, papers or magazines. You don’t have to spend hours every week searching the Internet for timely and interesting news. You can have it all delivered to you. Sure, you can find favorite news sites and sign up for their newsletters, but there are two other ways to get news from sources you may not even know about.

Google Alerts

Head on over to to set up key phrase alerts for free delivery of real estate news. Tell Google what you want to be alerted about, EXAMPLE: The key phrase is “real estate regulations texas.” The entry area will immediately give you current news examples to see if it’s the type of stuff you want:

  1. Texas Real Estate Market Active for Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Yahoo Finance

    RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, has … For more information on how to become a real estate investor or to seek …

  2. Is Texas losing its affordable housing edge?

    Dallas News

    The increases in home costs are cutting into the Lone Star State’s traditional cost of living advantages with relocating businesses, a recent report by …

    CRE Opinion: Cold Storage in North Texas is Heating Up — D Magazine

    Full Coverage

  3. Austin group aims to reframe debates around city’s growth, development

    Texas Tribune

    Some real estate and construction groups have chosen sides — and formed … Imagine Austin and a rewrite of land-use regulations called CodeNEXT. … of the University of Texas at Austin that would allow for denser development to …

You can see the value in getting these either daily or as they happen delivered to your email inbox.

RSS, Really Simple Syndication

RSS has been around a long time. Almost all blogs and many websites publish a feed of their new articles or posts. This is automated and goes out to the cloud for receipt by anyone who subscribes to it. You need a feed reader, such as the free and popular Feedly. You then subscribe to feeds from blogs or sites that you like because of their current real estate news content. Here’s a portion of the Mortgage News Daily feed:

MBS Day Ahead: Bonds May Be Taking a Lead-Off For Their Next Move

12by Matthew Graham/3h

Posted To: MBS Commentary I frequently use the lead-off analogy to characterize financial markets’ propensity to start drifting in the direction of their next most-desired direction. Defining “most-desired” is tricky business because it can often be the case that bonds don’t know exactly which direction that will be until they get all the data. The next 4 days offer a great example.

How Fed Exits MBS Ownership Could be Key to Affordability

10by Jann Swanson/1h

Posted To: MND NewsWire After years of quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve is estimated to own $1.75 trillion in agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS). The securities are issued by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs), backed by conventional mortgages they aggregate and guarantee, and Ginnie Mae, which does the same for mortgages issued with FHA and VA guarantees.

Now you have two free resources for gathering real estate news as it breaks. Use it in the two suggested ways to grow your business.

How Experts Stay on Top With Real Estate News Conclusion

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