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Etana Custody Review

Founded in 2014
Headquarters in New Zealand

Description: Etana Custody provides you with a custodian and account funding services that place no minimum deposit requirements for traders. Our Company was born out of an innovative approach to key pain points experienced by Capital Markets participants.

Our solution aims to help businesses reduce the cost of doing business, mitigate compliance and regulatory risk, and improve their reputation thanks to the added transparency between the Business to Client relations. All in all, by working with Etana Custody, brokers are able to take advantage of a more transparent and safer environment, potentially saving them time and money, while they earn the freedom to focus on key business activities.


Working directly with: Brokers, Traders, Liquidity and Forex technology providers, Money managers, Payment Systems, Corporate Traders, Introducing Brokers and Affiliate networks

Registration information: Address: Innov8HQ Limited, Level 1, 123 Vogel Street, Dunedin, 9012 , New Zealand.

Legal:  Casner & Edwards, LLP

We offer: –          Custodian Services

Introducing an innovation in the field of customer deposit safety. Comply with latest trends in clients` funds’ protection. Etana Custody ensures that clients` funds are segregated and held in top-rated financial institutions. Our custodian solution may result in an increase in customer satisfaction rates and reduce your financial risk exposure.


–         Risk management (KYC&AML compliance)

Build and sustain a culture of compliance as well as a reputation. We will help you turn regulatory complexity into a business opportunity even as regulations grow in number and complexity.


–          A network of PSPs

Etana understands your need for a stable, secure and affordable payment acquiring process. By contracting with us you will access a growing network of leading industry PSPs this includes local country-specific payment solutions preferred in some regions. Accept clients worldwide at a lower cost due to our volume discounts.

Employees: 7

Other offices: 

  • United States


  • Brandon Russell

Etana Custody Review

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