Emerson: Company Profile

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Emerson: Company Profile

Company Overview

Emerson has been in business since 1890, originally incorporated as Emerson Electric Company. Today, Emerson employs 133,000 people in over 70 countries. Its 2015 revenue was $22.3 billion. Emerson is a Fortune 150 company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as EMR. Its headquarters is in St. Louis, MO.

Emerson is composed of five primary business segments: Network Power, Process Management, Industrial Automation, Climate Technologies, and Tools and Storage.


Vertiv, formerly the Emerson Network Power, is an original equipment manufacturer and a data center management services provider. This business segment manufactures, installs and maintains a wide range of environment control systems and power reliability systems, primarily for data centers, telecommunication companies and other high-reliability networks. Its products include uninterruptible power systems and inbound power systems to protect systems from power spikes, brownouts and blackouts. They also provide both hardware and software data center monitoring and control solutions.

Process Management

Emerson Process Management provides hardware and software technologies, project management and engineering services to industries including oil and gas, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals and food and beverages. Its technology includes process management systems, plant processing controls, measurement and chemical analysis systems for liquids and gas.

Its process control systems, combined with wireless tools for workers, allow companies to monitor equipment remotely while also tracking the location of mobile workers.

Industrial Automation

Emerson Industrial Automation provides a wide range of integrated solutions to manufacturers across the world.

A few of its many products include motors, alternators, fluid control systems, plastic joining equipment, metal welding equipment, pulleys, bearings, sprockets, etc. Clients include automobile manufacturers, food processors, textile and petrochemical manufacturers and the oil and gas industry.

Climate Technologies

Emerson Climate Technologies provides heating and air conditioning products and services in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. Its technology can also be found in refrigeration systems in trucks and supermarkets around the world.

Commercial and Residential Solutions

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions makes a wide range of tools, storage products and appliances for residential, healthcare, food services, and commercial applications. Products range from pipe wrenches to wet/dry vacuums and from closet organizers to medication carts used in hospitals.

Working at Emerson

Emerson prides itself in “being forward thinking and bringing the best in technology” through integrated solutions to its clients. The company stresses its strong business ethics, sound management and planning processes as being integral to its corporate culture. Diversity is also important to Emerson.

The company seeks enthusiastic and talented employees to create an innovative and high-energy work environment.

Emerson has an active university outreach program for undergraduate and graduate students as well as an MBA recruitment program.

Emerson and its subsidiaries offer paid summer internships to university and college students, as well as six-month co-op positions. Emerson is especially interested in students studying industrial, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, business, marketing, accounting, and finance.

Emerson’s Corporate Sponsorship Program for MBAsis open to students with at least three years work experience and are either enrolled in a top MBA program or have received their MBA in the last three years.

Technical Positions at Emerson

Emerson employs over 8,000 engineers throughout the U.S and across the world.

In addition to engineers, Emerson has a wide assortment of other technical positions including information technologies. Some of the open positions at the time of public include, but are not limited to:

  • Control Systems Engineers
  • Control Systems Project Managers
  • Control Sytsemfs Designers
  • Design Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Dotnet Developers
  • Interactive Designers
  • Account Managers
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • IT Client Support Specialists
  • IT Field Service Specialists
  • IT Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Clinical Software Analysts
  • Inside Sales Engineers
  • Senior Instructors
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business Intelligence Program Managers

How to Apply

Jobs at Emerson and its subsidiaries are posted on the Emerson website, as well as on the Career tab of Emerson’s LinkedIn page. To apply, you will have to register for a username and password, although an account is not needed to browse jobs and read the details about open positions.

Emerson: Company Profile Conclusion

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