Dukascopy launches Private Retail Banking

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Dukascopy launches Private Retail Banking

Swiss Forex brokerage house Dukascopy Bank SA just announced that it has entered the new domain of core banking business – retail banking. The cornerstone of its new business model is a combination of online video identification and banking infrastructure built around a modern messenger and social network.

Dukascopy has achieved the technological point, at which it is beneficial to provide services to regular office employees earning hundreds or thousands of Euro/Dollars/Francs per month. The company firmly believes that this shall allow it to become the first private/investment bank in Switzerland for the international retail customers.

Dukascopy has become the first Swiss bank to open all accounts available for the clients worldwide by means of remote video identification. The whole procedure takes around 20 minutes. There is no need any more to visit the bank’s premises. The process includes three simple steps: filling in the online application form, installing mobile app Dukascopy Connect from Google Play Market or Apple App Store, and initiating a video call with Dukascopy. It should be noted that this technology has been tested during the last two years in Dukascopy Bank’s European subsidiary Dukascopy Payments.

Dukascopy launches Private Retail Banking Conclusion

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