Downloadable Grocery Coupons

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Downloadable Grocery Coupons

Are you tired of clipping, printing and organizing piles of coupons each week? It’s time to put technology to use and start downloading coupons to your grocery card or cell phone instead. Downloadable coupons are the paper-free, hassle-free approach to couponing, and it’s really catching on.

How to Download Coupons to Your Grocery Card

Sign up at one of the many e-coupon websites and register your grocery store loyalty cards.

Then you can log in each week before you shop. You will be able to choose which coupons you want to add to your card. When the cashier scans your store card at checkout, your coupons will automatically be deducted from the total due.

These simple steps will ensure you don’t leave the coupons at home. You also won’t get the glares and eye-rolls while you hold up the line as you sort through a sheaf of printed coupons. Not only will you save money, everyone behind you in line will be grateful.

Where to Go for Downloadable Coupons for Your Grocery Card

  • SavingStar: These coupons are redeemable at over 58,000 grocery stores and drug stores. New coupons are usually added each Thursday. They also do a coupon for a healthy item on Tuesdays and a free item on Fridays.
  • Cellfire: These coupons work at more than 17,500 grocery stores.

How to Download Coupons to Your Cell Phone

Sign up with several of the cell phone coupon sites and start having coupons sent to your phone.

Some sites require you to pick which coupons you want, while others automatically send you the latest coupons each week.

Where to Go for Coupon and Rebate Apps for Your Cell Phone

  • SavingStar:– Get the SavingStar app: iPhone, Android. With the app, you can load coupons to your store card from anywhere (even the checkout line).
  • Target:– Sign up for mobile coupons, and a new batch will be sent to your phone each month, including a single barcode that you can scan for all of them. Then, get the Target Cartwheel app for even more coupons.
  • Cellfire:– Get the Cellfire app and load even more coupons to your store card on the go. It also allows you to load non-grocery coupons directly to your phone.
  • Ibotta:  Download the Ibotta app. When you buy eligible items, you snap a picture of them and your earnings will be deposited in your account. This app includes lots of high-value offers.
  • Checkout51: Pick the offers you want; shop for them; then submit a picture of your receipt to get your savings.
  • Shopmium: Choose the offers that interest you; then submit a photo of your receipt through the app, and your rebate will be deposited into your bank or PayPal account.

Now you are set up for savings, and you won’t have to keep sorting through the pile of coupons to be sure that the offers are still current. You won’t need to hold up the line ever again. Just be sure your phone battery has enough life to get you through your shopping trip.

Downloadable Grocery Coupons Conclusion

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