DCM Capital ‘auction’ is a flop, top ‘bid’ £120,000

DCM Capital ‘auction’ is a flop, top ‘bid’ £120,000 explained by professional Forex trading experts the “DCM Capital ‘auction’ is a flop, top ‘bid’ £120,000” FX trading team.

DCM Capital ‘auction’ is a flop, top ‘bid’ £120,000

As we’re proving here just by writing this, the innovative team at new FX and spreadbetting firm DCM Capital in the UK did succeed in getting for itself a healthy amount of free publicity by holding an online auction to sell DCM, even before it has started earning any revenue.

The auction itself, however, seems to have been a flop. And in terms of valuable publicity and building the brand of the company, we also question the wisdom of what they’ve done. Would you trust your money to these guys??? They’re clearly much more focused on cashing out than on building a business or on serving clients.

With final “bids” due last week (we doubt if any of the bids actually were arms-length independent bids), the auction closed with a top bid of £120,000, well below DCM’s “guide price” of £5 million, and below our estimate of the value of just DCM’s FSA license. The bids, of course, were non-binding anyway.

DCM advertises itself as a pre-revenue startup, built by a team of six people over 12 months with a £350,000 budget.

DCM Capital ‘auction’ is a flop, top ‘bid’ £120,000 Conclusion

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