Currenex Forex brokers list, Top FX brokers providing Currenex trading platform

Currenex Forex brokers list by ForexSQ experts, In this article you will read what is Currenex trading platform and which Forex brokers providing Currenex trading platform. A list of the best Currenex brokers list conducted for you at the end of article.

What is Currenex trading platform

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For an active trader, Currenex is an esteemed electronic foreign exchange trading platform. It offers access in excess of 60 liquidity providers, unspecified execution and fast execution.

The Currenex platform usages a technology to match and combined liquidity from numerous sources. The streaming permits Currenex to join to more than 70 banks at the equal time and provide the best Ask and best Bid that permits traders to manage their trades in actual competitive rates, commissions and spreads.

Some reason that the platform is intended only for mutual funds and banks. In today the increasing competition in the Forex marketplace forced the Forex Brokers to provide the Currenex solution over a White Label agreement so that their customers can advantage from the low spreads and the fast implementation.

Other financial institutions, brokers or Banks can usage Currenex white label technology, which comprises the capability to modify front-end boundaries. Our solution offers classy admittance to the valuable metals and FX marketplaces and the capability to operate a trading site, short of the requirement for hardware investment.

Currenex Forex Brokers Benefits


  • A complete set of trading functionalities. We as well provide the option of API access for the association of modified Algo.
  • We provide several user interfaces, and APIs to rise distribution channels to customers.
  • Low-latency connectivity to a variety of valuable metals and FX, delivering alternative distribution networks for your assessing.
  • Currenex Bridge, assisting Metatrader4 brokers by delivering straight-through-processing from Metatrader4 to Currenex liquidity pools, permitting brokers to admittance this liquidity and stream values to their customer base.

Risk Supervision

  • Our classy technology permits hedging capability of synchronous (A-Book) and asynchronous (B-Book). It can be designed adaptably across separate pairs, assisting our white label customer’s capability to manage market risk.
  • Official credit risk management founded on a variety of position parameters (netted, aggregated, NOP).
  • Margin risk management solutions that mechanise customer margin calls and offer a high degree of granularity for client risk and managing leverage.


  • The aptitude to combine numerous liquidity streams and produce private liquidity pools that are exclusive to your trading style and requirements, based on relationships and inclinations.
  • The capability to access unidentified, single-ticket liquidity over Currenex Big. It provides rankings of streams of liquidity in additions between 3 and 50 million estimated amounts, through major currency pairs.
  • A management team of liquidity whose emphasis is to seek to improve your liquidity streams, which might help you to well monetize your stream.


  • Complete records solution and books, comprising customer declarations and a countless of reports simplifying external and internal reporting.
  • Analysis of trading patterns, audit trail and counterparty activity investigation is simply accessible.

Best Currenex Brokers List

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  • HYCM previously known as HY Markets broker is headquartered in London and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. HYCM provides Currenex trading platform.
  • London Capital Group Ltd was founded in 1996 in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK. You can use Currenex trading platform with LCG.
  • Forex Capital Markets, better known as FXCM, is an online Foreign exchange market broker based in the United States. FXCM is a big Currenex broker.

If more brokerages join to the Currenex trading platform then will add to this Currenex brokers list.


The platform of Currenex permits institutional customer’s access to a variety of dissimilar liquidity providers and has a sum of innovative features that will capable to large organizations and hedge funds. Its platform is also presented as a white label thru a number of retail Forex brokerages providing traders the capability to make use of the platform.

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