Company Mission Statements of the Largest U.S. Retail Chains Index

Company Mission Statements of the Largest U.S. Retail Chains Index explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team. 

Company Mission Statements of the Largest U.S. Retail Chains Index

Most major corporations in the U.S. have an official company mission statement as part of the governing documents of their corporation.  The largest U.S. retail chains are no exception.  And since some of the largest retailers in the U.S. are also some of the largest companies in the world, a frequently asked question is “What are the mission statements of the companies in the U.S. retail industry?”

The mission and vision statements of the largest U.S. based retail and restaurant chains Illustrate that modern retailing is about much more than buying low, selling high, and making as much profit as you can in between.  The mission statements of the largest retail chains based in the U.S. define their brands, create a personality, empower employees, prioritize values, guide decisions, and establish parameters for a unique customer experience.

What follows is a complete index of about 200 company mission statements of companies in the U.S. retail industry.  This list is arranged according to retailing categories.  Click the links to be connected to all the mission statements of retailing companies within each category.

Accessory Chain Mission Statements

Mission statements from all retail chains in the Accessory Retailing niche like Claire’sCoach, and Louis Vuitton which sell merchandise like belts, handbags, jewelry, shoes, socks, etc.

Click for all Accessory Retailing Mission Statements >>

Apparel Store Mission Statements

NordstromThe Gap, and H&M are some of the retail chains in the Apparel Retailing niche which have mission, vision, and values governing documents to guide their employees.
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Automotive Retailer Mission Statements

Mission statements from automobile manufacturers with their retail dealership networks like FordToyota, and Mercedes, are here, along with mission statements from Auto Parts and Accessory Retailers like AutozoneO’Reilly, and Pep Boys.
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Convenience Store Mission Statements

The primary focus of Convenience Store retailers like 7-ElevenExxonMobil and BP has shifted from low-margin gasoline to high-margin convenience merchandise sold inside the brick-and-mortar retail space.  Some of the mission statements of the largest oil companies reflect this, and some do not.
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Children’s Retailing Mission Statements

Corporate Mission, Vision, and Values statements from Toys ‘R Us, Disney, Build-a-Bear and all retailers in the Children’s Retailing niche
Children’s Stores Mission Statements >>

Customer Service Focused Mission Statements

It’s not a coincidence that the retail companies with reputations for legendary customer service like Trader Joe’s, Nordstrom, and Zappos have customer-centric mission statements.
Click for all Mission Statements that are Customer Service Focused >>

Department Stores Mission Statements

Sears, Stein Mart, and JCPenney are struggling to survive. While other department store chains like Kohl’s and Target are thriving.  What makes the difference?  It all starts with the mission statement…
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Discount Chain Mission Statements

Some discount retail chains like Walmart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar have mission statements focused on saving money, and some don’t focus on money at all. 
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Drugstore Chain Mission Statements

Mission statements from retail chains that are primarily focused on retailing prescription and nonprescription drugs like Rite Aid, and Walgreens along with other types of retailers like H-E-B  and Kmarts that sell drugs as part of their marketing mix
Click for all Drugstore Mission Statement >>

Electronics Retailing Mission Statements

Missions that drive retail chains strictly in the Consumer Electronics Retailing niche likeApple, Best Buy and RadioShack, along with missions from retailers with a significant amount of consumer electronics in their marketing mix like AT&T, and Microsoft.
Electronics Store Mission Statements >>

Entertainment Retailing Mission Statements

Mission statements that have kept retail chains like GameStop and Netflix alive in a shrinking Entertainment Retailing niche.  Also mission statements from bankrupt Entertaining Retailing companies like Blockbuster and Circuit City
Entertainment Stores Mission Statements >>

Global / International Retailing Mission Statements

Compare U.S. retail company mission statements with the mission, vision, and values of retailing companies headquartered outside of the U.S. like BMW, UNIQLO, and Zara
Click for all Global Retail Chains Mission Statements >>

Grocery Retailing and Supermarket Mission Statements

The mission behind highly successful Grocery Retailing chains like Kroger, Publix, Safeway and others in an extremely competitive Grocery Retailing niche
Click for all Grocery Stores and Supermarket Mission Statements >>

Hobby, Arts, and Crafts Chain Mission Statements

Since Hobby, Arts and Crafts Retailing is a shrinking specialty niche, ind mission statements from retail chains like Hobby Lobby and IKEA here, along with other retail chains selling Hobby, Arts and Crafts supplies as a significant merchandise category.
Arts and Crafts Mission Statements >>

Home Interior Retailer Mission Statements

Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, The Container Store and all mission statements from the Home Interior Retailing niche.
Home Interior Store Mission Statements >>

Home Improvement Retailing Mission Statements

Compare Home Depot and Lowe’s mission statements with others retailers selling home improvement merchandise as a significant part of their marketing mix
Home Improvement Stores Mission Statements >>

International Retailing Mission Statements

Are mission statements different in other countries?  Compare global retailing company missions from Chanel, IKEA, Volkswagen, and other international retailers operating in the U.S.
International Retailers Mission Statements >>

Luxury Brand Retailer Mission Statements

Chanel, Swarovski, Lamborghini, and all mission statements from luxury retail brands that do their sales in their own branded brick-and-mortar stores
Luxury Brand Mission Statements >>

Most Valuable Retail Brand Mission Statements

Retailers like Macy’sDell, and Whole Foods consistently find a place on the Most Valuable Retail Brands annual ranking list.  This index will reveal if the most valuable brands also have the best mission statements.
Click for the Mission Statements of the Most Valuable Retail Brands >>

Non-Retail Company Mission Statements

Are retail company mission statements substantially different from non-retail mission statements?  Compare mission statements from major companies like American Express, Delta Airlines, and Intel  with the mission statements of major retail and restaurant chains 
Non-Retail Company Mission Statements >>

Office Supply Chain Mission Statements

Compare the original mission statements from Office Depot and OfficeMax when they were competitors with Staples
Office Supply Store Mission Statements >>

Religious Retailer Mission Statements

Retailing companies with religious founders have mission statements that reflect those religious values – like the mission statements from Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and JCPenney.
Religious Retailer Mission Statements >>

Restaurant Chain Mission Statements

Sometimes the only real difference between restaurant chains is in their mission statements.  Compare missions from rivals like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Jack in the Box, and compare the mission statements from different types of dining experiences like Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread, Cheesecake Factory and dozens more.
Restaurant Chain Mission Statements >>

Shoe Retailing Mission Statements

Mission statements from shoe retailers in different niches and different sales channels like DSWNike, and Zappos
Shoe Store Mission Statements >>

Specialty Retailing Mission Statements

Mission statements from retailers in a variety of Specialty Retailing niches like Victoria’s SecretParty City, and PetSmart
Specialty Retailers Mission Statements >>

Sporting Goods and Athletic Retailing Mission Statements

Mission statements of chains like Dick’s, L.L. Bean, and Lululemon that are surviving the upheaval in the Sporting Goods and Athletic retailing niche
Sports Stores Mission Statements >>

Toy Retailing Mission Statements

Toy superstore Toys ‘R Us hasn’t completely killed the Toy Retailing category.  Compare the Toys ‘R Us mission statement with other toy retailers like Build-A-Bear and Disney Stores
Toy Stores Mission Statements >>

Warehouse and Membership Retailing Mission Statements

Mission statements of paid membership and bulk buying retail outlets like Costco and BJ’s Wholesale
Warehouse Retailers Mission Statements >>

“Worst” Retail Companies

Use the mission statements from retail companies like Sears,  AT&T and Walmart  that have been designated as “most hated” companies by consumers as cautionary examples of missions gone wrong
​Click for all Mission Statements of “Worst” Retail Companies >>

Company Mission Statements of the Largest U.S. Retail Chains Index Conclusion

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