This City Index review conducted by ForexSQ experts for those traders want to open account with City Index UK, Read this CityIndex review to the end before open account demo or real account with City Index Forex broker. Our team of experts have utilized the City Index trading platform and offer the following City Index review for the convenience of its clients and website visitors. For all intents and purposes, this article is also a City Index Singapore Review since the financial firm conducts a lot of its trading activities in that country, as well, using the same trading platforms as in the UK.

City Index UK Review 

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City Index broker was founded in the UK in 1983 and now enjoys a global footprint that includes the US, Singapore, China, Poland and Australia.  CityIndex appeals to novice and experienced traders alike who enjoy the wide range of tradeable assets and markets from which to choose for trading financial assets using spread betting, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs).  

City Index provides options for trading assets that include stocks, commodities, precious metals including gold, as well as energy assets like gas and oil and foreign currencies. CityIndex is not currently available to traders based in the US. 


City Index UK and City Index Singapore offer their trading platform software in a variety of languages, including English, German, Polish, Chinese and Arabic.   


City Index’s trading platform is a web based system that is available in versions for Windows, Macs, OS, iOS and Android.

Trading Platforms

CityIndex provides several popular trading platforms for use in conducting trades through a City Index trading account.  The mainstay of the platform is Advantage Trader and other platforms that are offered include Advantage Web Trader, AT Pro, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and Mobile trading applications.  Each trading platform includes a helpful web tutorial and explanatory videos and FAQs section.   

Advantage Web Trader 

City Index offers its own Advantage Web Trader trading platform that includes a fully customizable interface and a wide range of intuitive tools designed to help investors get the most out of their trading activities.  Advantage Web Trader provides a great deal of functionality and allows 24/7 trading in thousands of CFD and ETF markets on 37 major and minor foreign currency pairs.  

Advantage Web Trader is browser-based and offers easy and safe access to thousands of markets for trading CFDs and ETFs, including stock markets, foreign currencies and indices.  Advantage Web provides additional amenities that include multiple interactive charting indicators, price improvement technology, multiple watch lists and other valuable trading tools. 

AT Pro  

The latest downloadable trading platform offered by City Index is At Pro, which delivers traders a whole new level of special features and functionality that allows improved speed, charting and reliability.  At Pro enables fully automated trading with built in strategies and algorithms, comprehensive charting package and other tools like the At Pro Development Studio that investors can use to code their own trading systems, improve connection strength and quicken transactions.

City Index MT4 Download

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The City Index trading platform enables clients to download and access the very popular MT4 trading platform that has quickly become the forex industry standard.  With its user friendly interface and wide variety of tradeable assets and trading tools, MT4 is one of the most popularly used trading platforms in the world.

Mobile App 

The City Index trading platform can be remotely accessed using mobile apps developed for use with Smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, iPads, tablets and other handheld mobile electronic devices.  The mobile trading app allows traders full access to their trading accounts and all the features of the CityIndex trading platform.

Account Types 

City Index offers three different types of accounts, which are CFD Trading Accounts, Financial Spread Betting Accounts and Demo Accounts. 

When setting up an online account with , you will be asked which type of account you want to open (CFD, Spread Betting or both) and will asked about your trading experience, personal information and financial status. 

Once your application has been received, reviewed and approved by CityIndex, the firm will send an email with pertinent information including new account number, which traders can use to log into a CityIndex trading account using the password selected during the application process. 

CityIndex’s Advantage trading platform requires separate accounts for using MT4 because of compatibility issues and differences in capabilities. Traders interested in running an MT4 account separate from CityIndex trading accounts can request a separate MT4 account to use in trading financial assets. 

City Index Demo Account

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The City Index trading platform provides Demo Accounts for novice and seasoned traders to practice researching, formulating, placing and tracking trades which can be opened easily and simply using an online application form.  CityIndex provides demo accounts for the Advantage Web or MT4 trading platforms (or both) that includes 14 days’ usage of 10,000 Euros of virtual funds and lists the same currency pairs as live trading accounts with varying leverage ratio options and real time live prices. 

Upon expiration of the 14 day period or depletion of virtual trading funds, clients can request a new Demo Account, but all information from previous accounts will be lost and new demo accounts will reset to default account settings and histories.

Commission and Spreads 

City Index does not charge commissions or fees on trades conducted using its platform, but receives remuneration through spread betting.  City Index provides competitive fixed spreads that rival those offered by competitors on a wide range of financial instruments and assets.

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Clients can deposit funds into their City Index UK or City Index Singapore trading accounts using major credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers and deposits by telephone. 

Withdrawals are available using the same means and require proper identification of individuals requesting withdrawals and names on all accounts must match. 

Safety and Reliability 

Investors who trade with City Index are assured the strictest financial regulatory guidelines in the world imposed by the FCA and other similarly stringent regulatory agencies of other countries around the world in which CityIndex conducts financial activities.  With its experience and solid track record, is a financially robust financial services firm that traders can trust to take appropriate measures to protect their personal information and trading histories.

Customer Service 

City Index brokerage maintains a bilingual staff of experienced Customer Service representatives who are accessible 24/5 via online chat, email or telephone.  Customer support services are offered in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Arabic and Chinese.

City Index Complaints 

Complaints lodged against City Index brokerage by those who utilize the trading platform include issues related to commission amounts changing without notice, platform freezing-up, inability to close trades, high spreads, varying internal asset prices between platforms, delayed response times, inaccurate times of day and very poor customer support services.  Prospective traders should open Demo Accounts to fully utilize the trading platform and decide if it works well with their financial investment activities.  

City Index Login

For login to CityIndex broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do City Index login.

CityIndex Review Conclusion 

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The professional advisors and investors at believe the City Index forex broker is sufficient to enable trading on a wide range of assets but lacks a few amenities that are considered standard features of most trading platforms.  The platforms “search” function needs improvement to enable searching by company name and the performance of the platform seems quite sluggish at times, which greatly impacts a trader’s ability to stay on top of trading activities.  The Account Types offered by City Index are minimal and structured according to the type of asset traded, which is atypical of most financial brokerage firms that offer accounts based on minimum deposit amounts and/or trader experience.        

With its wide range of markets, advanced trading platform that is user friendly and available for mobile devices, CityIndex is a reputable company that offers competitive fixed spreads on a diverse range of financial assets.

The expert financial advisors and investors at invite you to share this City Index Review with family, friends and colleagues who might share an interest in financial asset trading platforms. 

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