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City Index Complaints

If you have any City Index problems then you can contact the broker to solve it, if your City Index problems dose not solve after contact the broker then you can contact FCA in UK as the broker is regulated by FCA, You can also submit your City Index complaints in the comment form below of City Index review at or forex brokers comparison websites.

City Index UK Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under Gain Capital UK LTD name, number: 1761813. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Register Number: 113942. VAT number: 524837435.

City Index Complain Review

At the end of this City Index Complaints if it helps you then help our team by share it please.

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  1. Stephen Adamson LFC

    I was quite amused to see this about complaints at city index considering the amount customers who have been ripped off by these. I having witnessed first hand the underhand tactics to get ur money application manipulation which is described by many customers. When i complained i was ignored to begin with and then insulted suggestions of network or computer problems it seems they blame the customers even with the evidence to the opposite. They have terms and coonditions to make sure they dnt have to pay back what they managed to legally rip off u, they get away with it amazingly they do everything possible to conceal the growing customers who explain the same scam. I see these reviews if u can call that regarding city index and find clearly they are far from unbiased breaching the question who is actually tweeting these and exactly why ?. Hoping to repair some of the evidence customers have left in terms of reviews ?. What i find is any company who had decency and honesty would have sorted this matter not hide behind their terms and conditions. The mnay years these problems have continued would have hoped that they would do the decnt thing and paid what they gained and shouldnt of bcak but this company isnt about repuataion. It is all about money and no more evidence than tehir actions when it comes to not paying bk the customers and concealing the many reviews of the same rip off …

  2. Stephen Adamson LFC

    Solve complaints lets see !! pay back my money in full and resolve the application rather than ignoring and hiding the many reviews this company has been given every chance i am not unfair !!

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