CFTC announces Thomson Reuters and ICAP SEFs in same press release

CFTC announces Thomson Reuters explained by professional Forex trading experts the “CFTC announces Thomson Reuters” FX trading team.

CFTC announces Thomson Reuters

This might have just been a coincidence, or someone at the CFTC has a sense of humor. The CFTC has indeed before combined, in one press release, announcements regarding licenses or other issues which involve more than one company.

But this one rings with some irony.

Two of the last major forex and swaps industry participants to receive their temporary SEF designation are Thomson Reuters and ICAP, news of which the good folks at the CFTC decided to combine into one press release. Thomson Reuters and ICAP, of course, are involved in a very heated head-to-head battle for global dominance of the institutional Forex ECN business, with Thomson Reuters and its FXall subsidiary having the upper hand lately over ICAP and its EBS unit. EBS reported in August its lowest volumes in eight years.

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