CFD Markets providers reviews and comparison, At ForexSQ, we provide list of CFD Brokers with tight spreads, low commissions and margins from 1 percent on over 10,000 international financial markets or CFD markets. These comprise shares, currencies, indices, interest rates, commodities, options and sectors.

CFD trading markets Indices

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CFD Brokers provide CFDs on main global indices in the US, UK, US, Australia, Asia and Europe. Indices are the most extensively traded marketplaces in the world and the UK 100 is one of the utmost prevalent instruments amongst new traders. At ForexSQ, we provide brokers with the tightest spreads in the industry, comprising 1-point spreads on the subsequent. Learn more about our indices markets.

  • Wall Street
  • UK 100
  • France 40
  • Germany 30

CFD Shares

You can use CFDs to trade on thousands of shares recorded around world markets, including the UK, US, European and Asian stocks. Margins initiates from just 4 percent on separate shares, with commissions as small as 0.1 percent of the total trade value.

CFD brokers share commissions are like this:

Share Commission            Minimum Commission Charge

US Shares            0.15%                                    $25

EU Shares            0.1%                                      €25

UK Shares           0.1%                                      £10

CFD Currencies

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CFD brokers provide low margins and tight spreads on over 40 major and minor currency pairs comprising USD/JPY, EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Forex CFDs comprise Spot and Futures and our margins start from 1 percent.

CFDs offer much higher leverage than out-dated trading. Standard leverage in the CFD market initiates as low as a 2% margin requirement.

CFD Metals

You can trade CFDs on an extensive range of valuable metals. And brokers spreads starting 2.5 points for silver and 0.4 points for gold.

CFD Commodities

You can trade CFDs on UK and US crude oil, coffee, cocoa, pork bellies, sugar, soybeans, wheat, oats and orange juice. Our spread for US crude oil is just 4 points.

Interest Rates

Do you have an opinion on interest rates? You can takings a position on the base-line rates of nations such as the EU and UK with short-range interest-rate based CFDs. The CFD brokers list at ForexSQ provide CFDs on a range of interest rates comprising Eurodollar, Euribor and Short Sterling, by means of spreads initial from just 0.02 points. Learn about our interest-rate CFDs market.


Online CFD brokers list at ForexSQ provide competitive CFD spreads on a number of bond markets comprising UK Gilts, Euro Bonds and US Bonds. CFDs market for bonds starting from just 0.5 points.


Brokers provide a range of options on a number of commodities, currencies and indices markets online and US and UK equities over the phone.

CFD trading market

Certain markets need smallest amounts of capital to day trade, or place restrictions on the amount of day trades that can be completed within certain accounts. The CFD trading market is not bound by these limits, and traders can day trade if they demand. Accounts can often be opened for as little as $1,000, while $2,000 and $5,000 are as well common minimum deposits.

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