Cboe DataShop plans to add FX offerings

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Cboe DataShop plans to add FX offerings

Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Nasdaq: CBOE) announced that Cboe DataShop will add historical spot foreign exchange data from Cboe FX to its range of offerings beginning today, December 15. Cboe FX, Cboe’s foreign exchange market, has set several new market-share records, and volume and activity on the global platform has grown.

Available for market participants and academics who want the opportunity to simplify and streamline back-testing and analysis, as well as the potential to increase trading opportunities, Cboe FX historical data offerings include:

TOP, which provides top-of-book data on currency pairs, including the quote time, bid price, bid quantity, offer price and offered quantity;
Snapshot, which provides a look at the depth of book data at intervals throughout the trading day;
Cboe FX Tape, which reflects trading activity for currency pairs on Cboe FX markets, including transaction time, aggressor side, trade price and quantity.

Also beginning Friday, Cboe DataShop plans to offer a complete history of market data for bitcoin traded on the Gemini exchange since its inception, as well as Cboe bitcoin historical futures data.

We are excited about these additions to Cboe DataShop,” said Catherine Clay, Cboe Vice President and Global Head of Information Solutions. “This is the first time our clients can buy FX data that is customized by individual currency pairs.

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