Call Option Definition in Binary Options Trading

Call Option is a contract that provides an investor the correct, but not the obligation, to purchase a stock, bond, service or other instrument at an identified price within an exact time period is the call option definition in binary option trading.

What is a Call Option

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It might help you to recall that a call options provides you the right to call in, or purchase, an asset. You earnings on a call while the fundamental asset rises in price.

Meaning of a European Call Option

An option for the correct to purchase an index or a stock at a definite price ON a definite date is called European call option. Warning the expression ON a definite date. The European call option style is different from the American style call option that can be trained at any fact BY a certain day.


Call options are usually used by shareholders for 3 main purposes. These are speculation, income generation and tax management.

How Options Work

An options agreement provides the holder the correct to purchase 100 shares of the fundamental security at an exact price, recognised as the strike price, up till a definite date, recognised as the expiration date. For instance, a single call option agreement might give a holder the correct to purchase 100 shares of Apple stock at a value of $100 till Dec. 31, 2017. As the value of Apple stock goes up, the value of the options contract also goes up. Call options contract holders can hold the bond till the expiration date, at which point they can take supply of the 100 shares of stock or vend the options contract at some point before the expiration date at the market value of the contract at the time.

For Tax Management Call Options Used

Shareholders occasionally use options as a means of altering the provision of their selections without essentially selling or buying the fundamental security. For instance, an investor might own 100 shares of Apple stock and be inactive on a large unrealized capital advance. Not wanting to activate a taxable event, investors may use choices to decrease the revelation to the underlying security devoid of actually vending it. The only price to the investor for engaging in this approach is the price of the options agreement itself.

Options Used for Income Generation

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Some depositors use call options to make income through a complete call strategy. This strategy involves owning an original stock whereas at the similar time vending a call option, or providing someone else the right to buy stock. The investor assembles the option premium and confidences the option expires valueless. This approach generates additional earnings for the shareholder but can also limit profit possible if the fundamental stock price increases suddenly.

Options Used for Speculation

Options agreements give purchasers the chance to obtain important experience to a stock for a comparatively small price. Used in separation, they can provide important gains if a stock increases, but can as well lead to 100% losses if the call option bought expires valueless because the fundamental stock price went downcast. Options contracts should be measured actual risky if used for notional determinations for the reason that of the high degree of leverage intricate.

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