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What Is Buy 0x or ZRX Cryptocurrency?

0x is one of the many Ethereum-based projects launched via initial coin offering (ICO). It is an open protocol that allows users to trade different types of ERC20 tokens directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

Its developers Amir Bandeali and Will Warren claim that the main goal behind 0x is to improve decentralized exchanges, most of which function using smart contracts powered by the Ethereum. The idea is 0x to take care of the flaws of these exchanges by utilizing off-chain ordering relays in conjunction with on-chain settlements.

Another aspect of the 0x project is the Ethereum token they have, called ZRX. It was launched in mid-August, 2017 and currently is in top 40 cruptocurrencies rated by their market cap.

How to buy 0x (ZRX) Crypto Coin?

Buy 0x with credit card

By the time of writing this, there is no easy way to buy 0x with traditional money using a credit card So, you will have to go the roundabout way, which is not all that complicated. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, we suggest that you follow the below steps:

1. First, purchase some Bitcoin or Ether. Most exchanges support them, but the majority of them do not provide convenient payment methods. That is why we suggest that you do that on Coinbase, if it is available in your country.

This is a trusted and very popular entry-level exchange that allows credit card payments (as well as bank wire transfers and PayPal payments). Registering on this exchanges takes just a couple of minutes and its fees are comparatively low. Keep in mind that ID verification is required.

2. After you get your Bitcoins, you have to transfer them to another exchange (as Coinbase supports only BTC, ETH and LTC).

Most of 0x’s trading volume comes from Binance or Poloniex in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum trading pairs, but it’s listed on a number of popular exchanges, including Huobi, Bitfinex, HitBTC, and others.

3. Convert your BTC to ZRX on the exchange of your choice.

4. Store your coins in a secure wallet.

It’s always considered best practice to have full ownership of your coins in a wallet that gives you control over your private keys. As 0x is an ERC20 token, so MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano S, and Meta Mask browser extension will support 0x along with any other ERC20 compatible wallet.

Buy 0x directly with fiat (via bank wire)

If you are looking for exchanges where you can directly purchase 0x with traditional currencies, here are a couple of platforms that support ZRX and allow users to buy it with fiat currencies. You can purchase 0x directly with USD on the following exchanges:

– Bitfinex: You can deposit US dollars via bank wire (involving 0.1% fee). The problem is, these exchanges do not accept US clients.

– Livecoin: This exchange offers several deposit methods: bank transfer, Perfect Money, OKPay, Payeer and Advcash.

If you don’t need the 0x itself, but to speculate more aggressively on its price movement, you can do that with a forex broker that offers cryptocurrency CFDs, such as eToro. This type of trading is a lot simpler and you don’t need to open numerous accounts, deal with wallets, private keys, etc. Besides, many of these brokers are regulated, while most exchanges are not. The problem is, none of these brokers offers trading in 0x (ZRX) yet.

To buy the Cryptocurrency you can sign up with a cryptocurrency broker, you can use Plus500, XM, eToro, Fxpro or AvaTrade crypto currencies brokers.

How to Buy 0x or ZRX Cryptocurrency Conclusion

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