Building A Financially And Socially Good Business

Your aim should be at building a business that does well both financially as well as does work for social good causes. The primary requirement for this is to value people more than your business profitability. That means you will have to listen to the feedbacks of the customers irrespective of it being good or bad, assess the needs for a change and make it as soon as possible.

Listening to customer feedback is the most essential part to build a business that works for and helps people.This is the ideal process for starting a business that works for social good irrespective of the type and size of the business.

Two ways you can start and continue doing this are:
· Crowdfunding : This is ideally the best option for a socially conscious business to provide finance to people who are in dire need of it and
· Social media: Using the different platforms you can easily and quickly share your intent and information about the social causes.

When and entrepreneur startsa business, the primary motivation should be centered and revolve around themotivations. You will need to find ways in which you can build a business keeping social good in your mind. Even if you donate an item for every couple of items bought from you by your customers will do immense good to the people in need, the society at large as well as to your business repertoire.
Therefore, in simple terms, when any organization is concerned with such things more than just making a profit in whatsoever ways, it will surely make a huge social impact.

Find the idea

Building a business that works for social good is surely an admirable goal, but it is not so easy to do so. This is because:
· It is not like solving a problem of a particular person with your product simply.
· It requires both solving the problem in hand as well as making a social impact.
· It also involves making a dramatic social change.

For this you will first have to find the idea and then select the best ways to proceed towards your goals.
It is the same process that you follow for achieving your business goals following a strategic process wherein you:
· Market your product through different ad and social media channels
· Gain attention of your customers
· Find ways to get a lot of sales leads and much more.

All of these aimed at your one single goal: to make a sale. This, in turn, results in your business growth and increases revenue.
The best way to get an idea to work for a social cause with your business is not to get trapped into the pressing needs of your business.
· Set up scheduled brainstorming times to study different industries intensely looking for ideas and options.
· Sometimes, you will even come up with the best idea when you questionyour daily experiences.
· Follow your passions, take a closer look at the events and activities and find out the needs of the people to improve their lifestyle and their current situation.

When you observe everything around you in the most inquisitive and analytical way you will come up with the best business idea that will help you to work for the societal benefits as well as bring you profits.

Research your concept

Your business concept is the primary thing that will let you to grow it for a social good as well as its success. Therefore, research about your business concept and learn a lot about the industry. This will help you to discover the alternatives that people want, use of proper materials for production and provide the best to the people and the society.
There are three key missions to follow when you research your business concept. These are:
· Focus more on helping people more effectively
· Findthe best and most affordable options and solutions for the people and
· Create a product that will reduce environmental waste.
If you take time to research your business idea thoroughly, you will find out for yourself whether or not your business concept is worthy enough. It should be more than a simple solution or a profitable business. It should genuinely help people.

Start helping others

You should start helping people right from the word go without any delay. This means that once you find and research your business concept, focus immediately on its planning and put it in action as soon as possible to launch your business officially. While planning focus on particular aspects such as:
· Whether you want to be a for-profit entity or a nonprofit organization
· Decide the legal structure of your business
· Build a strong, enthusiastic and helpful team with like-minded people
· Developa failsafe marketing strategy to gain free Insta likes and more.
You will also need to focus on other aspects of starting a business such as:
· Developing a solid social media strategy
· Researching on your potential customers
· Learning more about your target audience
· Knowing about their behavior and preferences
· Seeking ways in order to engage your community and of course
· Funding.
In all your efforts, you should put the people first. Therefore, make it a point that you work for them. You will therefore have to listen to their concerns and suggestions as well on a regular basis, whether it is over the phone, through email or on the social media platforms. This will help to make necessary changes and take your customer service operation and satisfaction both to the next higher level.
Do not feel depressed with criticism but try to understand its importance and take it as a constructive criticism. This will help you a great deal to improve your business operation and serve your customers truly. Take criticism as your learning opportunity and never stop this continual process.
Lastly, think big by looking at the bigger picture. Always focus on catering the specific needs of specific customers along with the general ones. This will add value to your customers and help you create a strong and long lasting social impact with your good cause.

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