Brexit may send EU ‘down the drain’

Vice-chancellor of Germany has informed the future of the EU could be in doubt if the UK’s exit is handled poorly. Sigmar Gabriel thought that the EU would go “down the drain” if other states followed Britain’s lead and that the UK could not retain the “nice things” about Europe whereas taking no obligation. It arises as Theresa May summoned ministers on Wednesday meeting to discuss concepts for the UK’s withdrawal. Put down Street said Brexit was top of the prime minister’s agenda. In the Sunday Times report suggested her cabinet was divided over leaving the single market. On 23 June the UK voted to leave the European Union in a referendum.

Mr Gabriel, who is also Germany’s economy minister leading coalition and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy, said a news conference that as a consequence, the world now considered Europe as an unstable land.

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‘Deep trouble’

He said that, “Brexit is bad but it won’t hurt us as much economically as some fright – it’s more of a psychological problem and it’s an enormous difficult politically”.

And if we organize Brexit in the wrong method, then we’ll be in deep trouble, so at present we need to ensure that we don’t permit Britain to keep the nice things, so to say, related to Europe whereas taking no charge.

Mrs Merkel has met a number of European leaders during the previous week to formulate the ground for a September summit motivated on the EU’s future post-Brexit.

She has said residual member states must listen to each other prudently and evade rushing into policy choices.

Temporarily, on Wednesday Mrs May is due to initiate drawing up blueprints for Brexit, while she hosts cabinet ministers at Managers, the prime minister’s country retreat in Buckinghamshire.

Trade talks

It originates as a new cross-party group so-called Open Britain was launched.

In the Sunday Times there is a joint article for the group, 3 former ministers from the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives accept that the free movement of individuals cannot continue, but they warn in contrast to pulling up the drawbridge.

Britain, EU-US trade, EU’s future post-Brexit

On Sunday Mr Gabriel also said that trade talks between the US and the EU had “de facto unsuccessful”.

The plan – recognized as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – intended to reduce or remove an extensive range of obstacles to EU-US trade and asset.

Though, the move has been contentious in several of countries involved, comprising UK and Germany. Critics say TTIP is determined by big commercial and would be bad for consumers, jobs and the environment.

Mr Gabriel said that, in fourteen rounds of discussions, the 2 sides had not decided on a single common chapter out of 27 being discussed.

Mr Gabriel said that, in my judgement the meetings with the United States have de facto failed, although nobody is actually admitting it.

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Don’t submit

He instructed Washington was annoyed about a deal the EU struck with Canada, as it contained basics the US does not need to see in the TTIP.

Mr Gabriel who is head of Germany’s centre-left Social Democratic Party thought that, We must not submit to the American offers.

However, Mr Gabriel is a vital voice and his assessment that TTIP has in consequence failed is a sign of just how much political problems it faces, our communicator added.

He has also been obligatory to protect his actions after he glanced the middle finger to a group of right-wing demonstrator’s former this month.

Sigmar Gabriel said that his one mistake was not using both hands, and said his opponents to think about what they would do if faced with twelve “violent, young, swearing and ready for violence Nazis”. ForexSQ forex news team use BBC as source of this article.

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