Bitcoin Tops List of Paid Keywords Sought by Retail Brokers

Bitcoin Tops List of Paid Keywords Sought by Retail Brokers explained by professional Forex trading experts the “ForexSQ” FX trading team.

Bitcoin Tops List of Paid Keywords Sought by Retail Brokers

New index by FM Intelligence reveals the terms that online trading brokers are willing to pay the most for.

Bitcoin is the most sought after paid keyword by online FX, binary options and CFD trading firms, as revealed today by Finance Magnates Intelligence Department, here to help brokers decide where to invest their precious marketing resources.

The top five paid keywords are ‘bitcoin’, ‘binary trading’, ‘stock market’, ‘CMC’ and ‘+500’. People interested in the stock market are obviously a demographic that will be a main target for CFD brokers and anyone searching for binary trading is primed for binary options companies. CMC and Plus500 are leading brokers in the UK and therefore competitors will try to reach their clientele and draw them to switch.

Bitcoin is therefore not just the only asset on the list, beating out gold and oil that are always very popular terms, but the only one not directly associated with traditional online trading. This shows that retail brokers understand that cryptocurrency traders are the new generation of traders and not a passing fad.

In comparison, the top five popular organic keywords that are also now revealed are just the same term in different European languages: ‘währungsrechner’, ‘currency converter’, ‘конвертер валют’,  ‘cambio valuta’, and ‘conversor de moeda’.


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This is the latest publication from the FM Traffic Indices – a new cross-industry benchmark, created with a methodological formula that matriculates data from three main sources: brokers’ trading volumes, brokers’ traffic data and insider information.

In today’s business world, big-data analysis and access to objective information sources are crucial to success. Unfortunately, until now it has been very hard and costly, if possible at all, to find any reliable benchmarks for operations in social, FX and CFDs trading.

For this reason, the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department has launched a new project, creating a set of monthly indices encompassing various aspects of the online trading industry. These indices will provide you with unique data points gathered by our analysts that will serve as a valuable knowledge base for your decision making. 

Bitcoin Tops List of Paid Keywords Sought by Retail Brokers

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