Bitcoin fork launches with support from Jeff Garzik

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Bitcoin fork launches with support

United Bitcoin is the first fork to reward multiple blockchains, ushering in the next generation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin pioneers Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak just announced UnitedBitcoin (Ticker: UBTC), a Bitcoin fork launched globally on December 12, 2017. The purpose of UnitedBitcoin (UB) is to establish a credit currency system pegged against fiat currencies and supporting smart contracts that can serve society.

UB’s network is 100 percent inherited from Bitcoin. Following the fork, active addresses will receive UBTC at a rate of 1:1, the UBTC balances of inactive wallets will go to the UnitedBitcoin Foundation, which will use these UBTC to support high-quality blockchain projects. UnitedBitcoin will use the pressure-tested mechanics of Bitcoin, while making improvements such as on-chain scalability (increasing the block size to 8mb), adding smart contract support based on UVM, adding Lightning Network support for faster payments, and implementing SegWit.

The UB team consists of some of the most well-recognized people in the industry, including Chief Scientist Jeff Garzik, one of the original Bitcoin developers and the CEO of Bloq. UB’s Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Roszak is the co-founder and chairman of Bloq, and a founding partner of Tally Capital.

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