Why Binary Options Traders lose money

Binary options might have become the choice of every trader these days. However, despite their inherent features, they do not fool proof instruments of profits. In fact, a lot of traders eventually end up incurring heavy losses in the short and long run. Does this mean that binary options are not safe avenues for investment? The answer is no; traders have to do their research and take the necessary actions, before investing in binary options.

Here are some reasons due to which binary options traders’ end up losing money on their binary options investments.

Why Binary Options traders lose money

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  • Investing in random trades: Beginners often tend to make investments in whatever trades come their way. Any prudent, well-experienced trader would follow the sustainable trades, before putting his/her money in it. However, by investing in random trades, the scope of investment is put at risk due to which the returns start to dwindle.
  • Avoiding the use of demo accounts: Trading platforms such as anyoption. provide demo accounts and a series of demo to help the traders learn the tricks of the trade, before stepping into the arena. However, many traders prefer to jump right into the real game, without bothering to understand the tricks of the trade. This way, when the investments happen with real money, there is a lot which is put on stake, which harms the traders’ portfolio and investment profits.
  • Don’t invest with emotions: At the end of the day, when you are investing, you can’t let your emotions come into the picture. Say you are heavily loyal to Apple since you are a big fan of their products. Will this mean you would invest in Apple’s stock, without trying to understand the market condition of the company’s stock? While investing, emotions should be kept at bay, and prudent decisions should be taken to maximize profits.
  • Putting all your eggs in one basket: Every trader knows the . For this very reason, it’s advisable to put different amounts of money in different types of investments, so that there is profit maximization. In case one stock loses money, there are other investment avenues still open for you to cash in on. However, if a trader invests all the money in one investment, and that investment crashes at the stock exchange, it would mean heavy losses for everyone involved.
  • Running without a strategy: Successful traders have one thing in common: they strategize each and every move carefully. By keeping an eye on their investment and the well-performing stocks, strategies and decisions can be taken to maximize profits. However, beginners often end up investing without any solid strategies, which end up in losses or bad investments over a period.


There can be endless reasons on why people lose money when they are trading with binary options. But at the end of the day, it is all about understanding what to invest and where to invest in. This way, even a beginner can end up making sensible choices which will result in profits over a period.

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