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Best Stock Market Podcasts

If you are are like me, you probably have a lot of forced idle time in your day. If you are on the West Coast it might be that hour plus drive to and from work. On the East Coast it might be the daily drudgery of mass transit.

And of course, these days, everyone is trying to be healthy, exercising and working out as much as possible, but also creating large blocks of time to fill.

What ever the case, over the last couple of years I have found that podcasts are a great way to fill up that empty time with quality content, and there are some great one for investors.

Here a couple to check out.

StockTwits: The Must Follow Podcast

Those of you who have followed me for any amount of time know that I am a big fan of StockTwits, one of the best places for traders and investors to get together and share their experiences and expertise.

Recently they started “The Must Follow Podcast” in which my friend Sean McLaughlin sits down and talks to various members of their community. From their blog:

If you’ve ever wanted to sit yourself down next to truly excellent market participants and absorb their ideas like a sponge, this podcast series is made for you.

The StockTwits Community has many amazing contributors and these podcasts will offer listeners an opportunity to learn more about them. We’ll hear their stories, learn the processes, and have some fun.

These episodes are deep dives for listeners to fully immerse themselves in the minds of some very talented traders, investors, portfolio managers, and analysts. People who put their money and their reputation on the line every day in the markets.

We’ll chat about their transformations from neophyte newbies to market mavens, and we’ll cover the landscape from bad beats to triumphant successes.

Bloomberg: Masters in Business Podcast

Week after week, some of the biggest names in the world of finance are interviewed by the amazing Barry Ritholtz, Here is how Barry describes the podcast on his own blog…

Last summer, I floated the following idea: Why not turn the usual Wall Street interviews upside down? Speak to the key people who are the source of the ideas that shape markets, drive portfolio management, influence the economy, and make the modern world of business and finance what it is today. My elevator pitch to the powers that be at Bloomberg was “Mark Maron’s WTF meets Charlie Rose, for finance.”

Instead of focusing on the next 15 minutes, discover instead how they became who they were. Get to their philosophy, worldview, favorite books, mentors, etc.

Oh, and no stock picks and no predictions.

What is great about these podcasts is that since they usually run about 60 minutes you really get a chance to deeply explore the people and subjects that are featured. No matter if you are an active trader, and investor, or just someone who is interested in business, finance, and the markets in general, there is something for everyone in these two podcasts.

By the way, keep an eye out for the June 2nd StockTwits podcast, where yours truly will the featured guest. We cover my history in the market as well as what I think the most important concept is for being a successful trader.

Best Stock Market PodcastsConclusion

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