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Best Stock Market Movie

If you are a true aficionado of the stock market — and I know you are — then you are not just content with investing your money in it. You probably live and breathe the markets, including all the pop cultural references to it.

I am even guessing that you have your own list of “best” stock market movies in your head at all times, ready to whip out should the cocktail party or bar room conversation warrant.

So what’s on your list?

Wall Street? Of course. That is at the top over EVERYBODY’S list, including mine. Who doesn’t love the story of everyman Bud Fox, wheeling and dealing his way up the ladder with the help of the notorious Gordon Gekko?

Cool movie, but not much realistic stock market action in it.

How about Trading Places? Another classic. The amazing thing about this movie is that in the final climactic scene they are actually shorting the market in order to break The Dukes. How many millions of people have watched that scene and had no idea what was going on?

Problem is, they are actually trading orange juice futures on the commodity exchange, not stocks on the stock exchange.

Boiler Room? Yep, good, but more about telemarketing scams than the stock market.

I even like Barbarians at the Gate, which though not really about the stock market, has a cool trader type vibe to it.

But I have to say that best movie I have ever seem about the stock market is one called Trader.

Technically, Trader is not a movie, instead it is a documentary from 1987 done by the Public Broadcasting Station, and only aired once. The subject of the documentary is Paul Tudor Jones, one of the original Market Wizards from the book series of the same name.

If you are not familiar with PTJ, you should be.

He is perhaps one of the best traders of all-time, famous for calling, with surprising accuracy, the market crash of 1987.

In this film we get an insight into the way PTJ thinks. How he approaches the market, how he allocates funds, and more importantly, when to exit a trade. It really is a rare and fascinating insight into a legendary trader.

So, would you like to watch it? Well, there’s the rub. For some reason, PTJ is not all that fond of the movie and has fought every attempt to get it distributed to a wider audience. Nobody is sure why that is. Some think it is because he exposed too much of his trading system, others think that some of the proclivities he displays in the film are not too complimentary.

He shouldn’t care though, because since the movie came out he has gone on to superstar status in the hedge fund world and is a billionaire many times over.

I wish I could give you a link to this film, but because of its outlaw nature it seems to pop up and then disappear from various sites. Just Google “Paul Tudor Jones Trader Movie” and you should be able to find it out there somewhere.

And if you do, let me know what you think of it and if it would rank at the top of your stock market movie list.

Best Stock Market Movie Conclusion

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