The Best Aggressive Fidelity Funds

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The Best Aggressive Fidelity Funds

Fidelity Investments is best known as a mutual fund company and provider of retirement services and products, such as 401(k) plans and IRAs, for businesses and individuals. Fidelity, founded in 1946, is one of the largest multinational financial services corporations in the world.

As a mutual fund company, Fidelity has risen on the backs of some of their widely held mutual funds, such as Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX), managed by William Danoff and Fidelity Magellan (FMAGX), made famous in the 1980’s by legendary fund manager, Peter Lynch.

But some of the best Fidelity funds to buy are their growth stock funds that have aggressive objectives for investors who want the opportunity for above-average returns. However investors should also expect above-average market risk, which is to say that declines in account value are to be expected periodically.

Best Fidelity Funds for Aggressive Stock

With one of the widest selections of mutual funds in the industry, Fidelity offers some of the best aggressive growth stock funds:

  • Fidelity Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX): If you want to consider another outstanding aggressive mid-cap stock fund, take a close look at FLPSX. Manager Joel Tillinghast has run the fund for 27 years, producing category-beating performance. The 15-year annualized return, through March 31, 2017, was a remarkable 9.9%. That’s especially impressive considering that period contains one of the worst bear markets in history. That return beat 85% of all mid-cap value funds. The expense ratio for FLPSX is below average at 0.88% and the minimum initial investment is $2,500.
  • Fidelity Growth Company (FDGRX): This is another aggressive Fidelity fund with a long manager tenure. Steve Wymer has been at the helm of FDGRX since 1997, producing an impressive 11`% annualized return for 10 years through March 31, 2017. That compares to 7.5% on the S&P 500 Index and 7.7% for the average large growth stock fund during the period. The expense ratio for FDGRX is low at 0.77% and the minimum initial investment is $2,500. FDGRX is known to close to new investors when assets get too bit to manage. Be sure to check the availability of shares to purchase.
  • Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock (FMCSX): Mid-cap stocks are good aggressive funds because they have greater growth potential than large-cap stocks, especially in the long run. The long-term returns have averaged higher than most mid-cap stock funds and the S&P 500 Index. The expense ratio for FMCSX is 0.72%, which is low for a mid-cap stock funds, and the minimum initial investment of $2,500.

You can build your own portfolio of aggressive growth stock funds by beginning with our article, Sample Aggressive Portfolio of Mutual Funds, where you’ll see how to allocate funds and diversify investments to minimize risk while maximizing returns.

The Best Aggressive Fidelity Funds Conclusion

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