Benefits of SAP FICO Training in USA

The SAP FICO training highlights the required documentation and methodology to implement the SAP FICO projects. This will help you gain the ability to identify and analyze the business necessary to record the report process cycle and to configure SAP FICO modules as needed.

SAP FICO is the most important functional component of SAP ERP that helps an organization manage all its financial data. They allow any organization to store a full version of its financial transaction. The main purpose of the SAP FICO is to generate a managed financial statement to analyze the data and make the appropriate reports. This also helps to make effective business planning and decision. And SAP FICO training prepares the individual to learn and understand the end-to-end implementation to configure the SAP FI and CO modules for any organization.

SAP FI modules

SAP FI helps organizations to prepare financial statements to report and analyze the data. Financial statements include profit and loss statements or can say a balance sheet. SAP FI consists of several sub-modules to handle specific accounting processes –

General Ledger consists of all the transactional data of the organization in a chart of accounts. This also lists so many accounts in the system. Transactions are recorded here with this sub-module being recorded in real-time data.

Accounts Receivable hooks the customer transactions and manages the customer accounts. These transactions include invoice posting, down payments, credit memo posting, executing customer reports, etc.
Accounts Payable includes all the transactions having vendor accounts. Transactions include credit memo posting, invoice posting and payments, automatic payment programs, and execution of vendor reports.
Asset Accounting manages all the transactional data relating to the company’s fixed assets like buildings, lands, and any heavy equipment. These transactions include asset acquisitions, sales, transfers, retirements, revaluations, and depreciations.
Bank Ledger deals with the organization’s bank account data and transactions. This can resolve all the transactional bank statements that are recorded, and also includes the accounts being compared with the transactions in the system.
Consolidation empowers the organization to combine financial statements for many entities. This also provides an overview of the organization’s financial position.
Fund management helps to manage the budget for the company’s expenses and revenues.
Special purpose ledger describes the ledgers in SAP FI for reporting purposes.
Travel management manages all the transactional details of the travel processes, which also includes trip booking and handling travel-related expenses.

In short, SAP FI( Financial Accounting) is related to the enhancement of the financial management of the enterprise. It has a crucial aspect to deal with the business to work in better management. Financial Accounting management is complicated for which reason SAP FI is needed in the organization to make the process of management simple. This also helps to handle the account and financial requirements of the organizations by evaluating the financial position of the organization in the market.

SAP CO modules

While SAP FI deals with organizational accounts including internal and external reporting, SAP CO supports the process of planning, reporting, and monitoring the costs for business operations. SAP CO involves the improvement of the company’s profit. Similar to SAP FI, SAP CO comprises sub-modules to handle the specific processes –

Cost Elements provides an overview of all the company’s costs and revenues based on the profit and loss statements. This is also known as an Income statement. Cost element accounting defines the origin of the costs. It represents the company’s specific cost.
Cost Centers deal with the cost related to the company’s internal departments like production, sales, human resources, and marketing. This involves only the company’s expenses, not revenues.
Profit Centers handle all data related to the cost of the organization. This also deals with both the expenses and revenues, unline Cost Centers that deal only with the organizational expenses.
Internal Orders include managing the costs of internal projects which can be smaller or non-fixed assets. For example limited-time marketing campaign.
Profitability Analysis helps an organization evaluate the profits of its products. For example, Profitability analysis is used for taking decisions on different matters like distribution channels, product pricing, and target marketing segments. This also deals with the details of profitable analysis like country, product types, and so many others.
Product Costing supervises the data on the costs needed to produce the organization’s goods and services. This can help manage manufacturing costs and optimize efficiency.

In short, SAP CO (Controlling) helps to plan, justify, maintain, and supervise the business process of any organization. It is linked to Financial Accounting directly to provide a better view and in an organized manner associating with the costs. It also helps to manage and configure the master data covering the information relating to the internal orders of cost centers, profit centers, and many more.

This is the process managed step wise including chasing, organizing, executing, and reporting. This way it helps trace the cost heads to plan accordingly. It also benefits the cost of the processing based on the relative activities to supervise the product costs, variances, and costings. Further, includes the components relative to the Profitability Analysis, Cost Center Accounting, Overhead Management, etc.

Benefits of SAP FICO training in USA

SAP FICO training provides many benefits for the individual to master the SAP FICO application in less time. To know the significant benefits of SAP FICO you need to undergo SAP FICO training. Below are a few benefits of SAP FICO training –

Manage Business flow with ease
Good Reputation
Choose an in-demand career
Earn better salary
Demand in an Organization

Manage Business flow with ease

SAP FICO helps to organize the finance of an organization systematically. Using this software can extend business operations easily and efficiently by accounting for the processes. This makes it the management of the business easy to become professional in excelling in the accounts and finances of an organization. With the help of SAP FICO training, you will be capable to track the cost of an organization efficiently.

Good Reputation

SAP FICO-certified candidates have a good reputation in setting the career for the growth of the financial field. Having SAP certification can add good value to your resume and additionally having experience in the SAP field will be added advantage. The recruiters will always give first preference to the SAP FICO-certified candidates over the non-certified ones.

Choose an in-demand career

SAP FICO training will help an individual to get a better carrier opportunity with a decent job in the SAP field. Many global and MNCs hire certified SAP professionals to carry large-scale enterprises with better salaries. With the SAP FICO training, you will enhance your financial management skills in an organization.

Earn better salary

Having SAP FICO certification offers you a handful of salary with the best job opportunities in hand. SAP professionals can get jobs in many areas like Module lead, Project lead, Process developer, SAP functional consultants, etc. You can expect to receive a minimum of $15,00,000 to $30,00,000 as annual pay. The salaries increase with the growth in the level of the profession.

Demand in an Organization

As the SAP FICO-certified candidate can serve multiple financial aspects like asset accounting, accounts payable and receivables, fund management, general ledger accounting, etc. SAP FICO is flexible and user-friendly in many businesses across the world.

Financial Industries

Organizations deal with a lot of complexities in the business process, this enhances the usage of software like SAP FICO. Financial Management software helps to conduct business quickly and smoothly. SAP FICO training helps individuals to organize well-structured and effective financial controlling mechanisms. This kind of mechanism covers every form of business operation to get a wide range and in-depth knowledge of the benefits.

SAP FICO can easily integrate with sales, material management, distributions, etc. Using proper software can help you address issues and areas like accounts payable and receivables, bank accounting, general ledger, cost and profit details, and management of multiple financial assets. Therefore, businesses use SAP FICO professionals to work on multiple projects.

Few more benefits of SAP FICO training

SAP Financial Accounting is designed to describe the company’s business transactions in such a way that it provides external reports. This way system can track and report the multiple details of the organization across countries with different currencies. This software enables integration with materials management, sales and distribution, and purchasing to allow the user to drill over the original transaction.

The SAP FICO module is the central point of an integrated SAP system because every aspect of the financial impacts the other modules resulting in the flow to FICO automatically in real-time. This financial influence of the transactions in other modules gets reflected in FI automatically. Hence it is always necessary to configure the FI/CO as needed.
The most important advantage of SAP is system integration. SAP FICO provides the most comprehensive financial management solutions handy. Using SAP FI/CO in an organization can help you to read, appraise and respond to the changing business conditions and come up with effective strategies. Besides using a faster process one can simplify the process of scheduling, consolidating, and collaborating on the business process workflow. Besides this, SAP allows the system for better transparency across the teams or departments, improving corporate governance. SAP provides the highest adherence to the federal accounting standards and regulations to provide internal controls of the administration.
SAP FICO Training helps you learn the automation of credits and collecting the management and if needed disputes.
SAP FICO course automates credits by managing the collections and disputes if any. This course also offers bill and invoice creation for electronic payments to improve the traditional accounts payable and receivables.
Additionally SAP FICO training helps you to build better techniques to manage the cash flow across locations, and countries. Other than this, it also enables you to assess, report, and allocate the cash in real-time, to set up the in-house payment center.
Besides the improvement of the financial and managerial reporting, SAP FICO provides the flexibility to report the organizational performance, cost center, or business unit to enhance the integration of financial processes. This way the SAP FICO certified integrates the risk and financial functionalities of the organization.
SAP FICO helps to get a more competitive cost of finance and serves innovative processes to team up with other partners across the supply chain to build service operations across the world.

Some of the challenges to building a career in the SAP FICO

Building a career in the SAP FICO can be challenging or promising under the below conditions –

With less or no business knowledge

It is expected that when you work with an organization or business, you have to have atleast little knowledge about the business process.

Having better business knowledge is necessary if you are looking for a Consultant position. For example- knowledge of P2P, O2O, cost of production calculation, asset procurement, profitability analysis, etc.

No Domain experience

Almost every organization wants a candidate with experience in SAP FICO. It is too difficult to work when do not have domain experience. Without domain knowledge the candidate can take a longer time to understand and then starting working on it can take a little more time. This way it can increase the project duration with no proper domain knowledge.

Lack of hands-on knowledge of SAP FICO

Reading can not be the same as practical learning. This way if you read SAP FICO concepts can not be enough to get into the SAP FICO career. Having practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts is recommended to start with the SAP job.

No Post-Graduation qualification

Nowadays, most organizations are looking for post-graduate candidates like MB, CWA, etc. So, before adopting the SAP FICO career you need to know the educational importance.

Poor Communication skills

Communication skill is the most important aspect for the SAP consultant as there will be regular interactions with the clients. To have hassle-free communication with the client’s SAP consultant has to be good in communication.

Job description for the candidates with the SAP FICO training

SAP FICO consultants are expected to have a huge responsibility to configure the system and implement it based on the business. GAAP analysis, refining methodologies, and many more details before digging into the new projects. These consultants can be internal or external. Here, internal consultants are those who work with the company starting from the implementation till the project goes live.  While external consultants are just part of the implementation and their function ends when the project goes live.

Responsibilities as an SAP FICO consultant –

Execution of the SAP Business warehouse in the projects
To incorporate and guide the other necessary consultants from PP, PS, MM, and PM modules.
Provide training to the newcomers and also to the end users.
Support the testing processes to know the issue or defects or errors in the documentation or the applied business processes.
Make use of all the necessary opportunities to improve the business system or processes.
These consultants configure business requirements as per the client’s details.


The huge global demand for SAP FICO professionals. Many organizations are using SAP FICO to improve business processes by simplifying the process flow. So, with the emerging need for SAP in the organization, there are many solutions for accounting and financial management. Earning SAP FICO training can hold you on top of this competitive industry with a handsome salary.


Q.1 Is SAP FICO training easy to earn?

Ans. Any learning can be tough or easy based on your interest and zeal for learning. SAP FICO training can be simple for those who have a financial education.

Q.2 Does SAP FICO training help me fetch a better salary?

Ans. SAP FICO is in huge demand and can’t be achieved so easily. As the SAP FICO certified professionals are in need in many industries, this holds the best highest-paying opportunity.

Q.3 Is General Ledger used in Financial accounting? If yes, how?

Ans. A General Ledger maintains the transactional details of the organization. This acts as a primary record to maintain all the accounting data. These accounting data like customer transactions, inter-organizational transactions, and purchases from vendors.

Q.4 Can I take online SAP FICO training? Is it worth it?

Ans. Plenty of institutions are providing online SAP FICO training. These online classes follow the curriculum as offline, so no need to worry about the syllabus. Frankly, the only challenge is to get into the training by yourself as you are learning as an individual from your comfortable area. Otherwise, it will be the best option to get into the online SAP FICO training.

Q.5 Is there any demand for SAP FICO in the future?

Ans. Many organizations need employees to manage the accounts and maintain the financial data. With SAP FICO training, you will gain a deeper understanding of the financial and accounting data of any organization. So, of course, SAP FICO is always in demand at present and the future.

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