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B2Broker Review

Founded in 2014
Headquarters in Russia
Company description: 

B2Broker was founded by group of IT professionals in Forex industry and works in a sphere of B2B services and products for brokerage companies around the world.

Our main goal is to provide our clients best technological solutions so they can focus on selling and enlarging their clients bases instead of spending a lot of time on expensive, long-term and labour-consuming processes of building and supporting technical infrastructure of their brokerage business.

Due to close teamwork with MetaQuotes, Microsoft, Swissquote and many others we developed unique, ready-made solutions that allowed more than 30 existing clients effectively launch their business and outperform their competitors.

We offer: The entire trading infrastructure is built on the basis of Integral system. This is premium level of professional infrastructure and the largest ECN platform in the world. The core of our liquidity is OCX liquidity – a dark pool of anonymous bilateral liquidity.   We have three prime brokers. First one is MIG bank which is the part of Swissquote group of banks and acts as their institutional department. For us, MIG bank appears as prime broker and clearing agent on OCX liquidity and liquidity aggregator of 17 banks. Prime broker allows us to work with one margin account. This achieves a very dense glass and any volumes. Through our second liquidity provider we have DMA connection to all worlds stock exchanges and can provide DMA shares, direct stock shares that we can connect to Metatrader or by FIX API.   We have such instruments as: Forex, metals, indexes, commodities, energies. We also have such cryptocurrencies as bitcoins, lightcoins, eterium.   Our servers are hosted in Equinix in New York and you can make allocation by placing your servers there as well, and this will make execution even more faster for 15 milliseconds.   There are a few ways of connection to the B2Broker Liquidity for brokerage companies: 1) by FIX API for large brokers. DMA liquidity from B2Broker provides more tight glass of prices, even better spread and quotation for clients of broker. At the request of the broker, we can add any liquidity provider to our aggregator and act as prime broker. In this case, broker’s clients will receive a single payment account and margin aggregated prices from multiple liquidity providers using the same connection. 2) White Label scheme for novice brokers. We help broker to focus on the main thing – clients attraction, as all the other caring for customization of the platform, creation of all the conditions for trading, providing tools and direct liquidity connection, B2Broker takes over, offering fully ready, quick and affordable solution to start Forex business. 3) by free Cloud b2bridge for those who have own server.  By connecting DMA Liquidity using Cloud B2Bridge, broker can easily manage risks, select accounts or groups of accounts to A-book or B-book models. This solution is available both for MT4 and MT5 platforms and by using API it can be easily connected with any other platform. There also a possible ways of connection for money managers. First option is to connect any trading system by FIX API directly to Integral system. In this case we will give a MAM system for free. The second option is to connect Metatrader to Integral and to have an access to largest ECN platform without opening account in any brokerage company.

Business Contact: sales@b2broker.net

  • Evgeniya Mykulyak
Other offices: 

  • Hong Kong
Facebook link: www.facebook.com/b2broker/
Twitter link: twitter.com/b2broker_net
Linkedin link: www.linkedin.com/company/b2broker
Key Management: N/A
Contract Sizes on FX: Any
Spot FX: Yes
FX Forwards: No
FX Options: No
B2B: Yes
Accepts Retail Clients: Yes
CFDs: Yes
Metals: Yes
Physical Delivery FX: No
Trading Via Credit: No
Trading Via Margin: Yes
3rd Party ECN Access: 2
Leverage: 1:100

  • Integral

  • VFSC
Currency pairs: 162
Employees: 40

B2Broker Review

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