Ayondo Review

Ayondo review conducted by the team of ForexSQ.com for those who want to know all about the Ayondo.com broker. In 2009, The Ayondo social trading platform was started, its goals to connect small to medium-sized depositors with their topmost dealers.

Ayondo Social Trading

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The company initially initiated operations in Germany but has at present recognized itself as an international social trading platform.

It is operated and owned by means of Ayondo Markets a financial trading trademark regulated and registered by means of the UK’s FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, in registration no. 184333.

This means that you can place your mind at rest that it is accurately frequent and your money in any case is secure equal to £85,000. It is mainly a CFD trading platform but also provides spread betting to qualified customers, where they can trade several assets for zero tax on money increases.

Trading Software

It usages Trade Hub as its investing and trading software platform. Trade Hub can be modified to outfit the user’s requirements, and it delivers traders with the similar tools that official depositors use. There is moreover a Trade Hub app for Android and iPhones.

Ayondo.com Types of Account

At Ayondo, dealers can open either a live trading account or a Demo account. The live trading account necessitates a minimum payment of EUR 100.

The live trading account permits dealers to make real money by means of trading Spread Betting, CFDs or wages from those who follow their trades.

And the live trading account moreover permits traders to leverage their deposits equal to 200:1

Commissions and Spreads

Spread points differs founded on if the customer is trading CFDs in currency, indices, commodities, stocks, bonds or interest rates. There is not any info on commissions, and in the spread points fees are fixed.


There’re no charges whatever for using the Ayondo platform. However, as we have well-read beforehand, the best dealers want to be satisfied for their lucrative trading signals, this is why they acquire a fixed instruction from the compnay. The greater the trading volume the greater their commission.

Deposits and Withdrawals

At Ayondo Traders you can deposit capitals to their trading account through Debit/Credit card and Wire Transfer. Dealers can deposit currency in GBP, EUR, USD, CHF and SEK.

The smallest deposit sum is EUR/ USD/GBP 100 or equal contingent on currency type and the smallest withdrawal amount is 10 dollars.


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It has customer support services for the help of social trading. Even though a direct contact via Email, Telephone and chat is not presented.

Ayondo Review Conclusion

Overall our experiences with the Ayondo trader display that the depositor deals here with an established and serious stockbroker on whom he can count in all respect. By the broker it worries a totally skilfully appearing broker with whom the clients work with the tools of the experts, or even better, to the positive experts can follow.

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