Alpari PAMM account FX volume averaged $13 billion monthly in 2015

Alpari PAMM account FX volume averaged $13 billion explained by professional Forex trading experts the “Alpari PAMM account FX volume averaged $13 billion” FX trading team.

Alpari PAMM account FX volume averaged $13 billion

Retail forex broker Alpari has hired the Russia arm of international accounting and business advisory firm Baker Tilly to audit and verify information regarding Alpari’s PAMM Account service again. 323 new PAMM Accounts and their managers were studied in detail, all being included in Alpari’s PAMM Account rating at the time of the audit.

Baker Tilly’s audit concluded that all of the PAMM Accounts are managed by real traders registered with Alpari and the documents supplied by them fully correspond to reality.

In October 2015 Alpari initiated the verification of 268 accounts which were included in the rating at the time. The analysis showed that the investment service complies with all of the regulatory requirements. As such, Alpari made yet another step towards increasing the transparency and credibility of its services.

The PAMM Account investment service was developed by Alpari back in 2008. The service brings traders and investors together, allowing investors to earn from the Forex market without trading independently and allowing traders to receive additional profit for successful investor fund management. The trading turnover of the PAMM Account service in 2015 exceeded $157 billion, or about $13.1 billion monthly.

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