7 Advantages of a Window Shutter

Window shutters are an extremely common household device that many of us have within our homes, however, most of us don’t even notice them. Despite playing a somewhat overlooked role, there are huge advantages to window shutters. They can block out harmful UV light from entering your home, they can regulate the light that we choose to let in, they offer a tremendous amount of privacy, and to top it all off they look quite elegant as well. They come in a nearly unlimited array of designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrication materials. In the article below we’ll walk you through over a half dozen advantages that window shutters offer us all. Please continue reading below to learn more.

7 Advantages of a Window Shutter

1. They Offer Privacy
One of the main advantages of having shutters over your home windows is that they offer you complete privacy. Especially well-designed shutters can close extremely tightly, not allowing anyone to see into your home in any way at all. This is particularly nice when getting dressed, sleeping, watching a movie, or engaging in any other household activity that requires us to temporarily shut out the world around us. Another facet of privacy that is important is not letting would be thieves or burglars see into your home in order to scope out what sort of valuables you might possess. So in a sense, shutters even protect our families from would be criminals due to the extreme privacy that they are able to afford us all.

2. Shutters Keep Insects Out
If you live in an area with a lot of insects and bugs, particularly the flying variety, then you know firsthand just how effective shutters are at keeping insects out your house. Heavy wooden shutters are very effective at keeping insects out, as they basically act as a wall covering your window from the inside. While they do have some small openings that bugs can crawl or fly through, they generally stop the vast majority of them from entering. If you or any of your family members are allergic to bees, wasps, or other flying insects, then shutters can greatly reduce the likelihood that someone will get bit or stung and have an allergic reaction.

3. Shutters Can Act as Insulation
A great advantage of shutters that is often overlooked is that they provide great insulation within our homes. During extremely hot summer months they work to keep cool air from escaping outside, especially if you have your air conditioning unit working hard. During the winter months, shutters work to keep warm or hot air inside of our homes, keeping our families warm and cozy when we need it most. Windows are particularly porous when it comes to hot or cold temperatures passing through them. Shutters prevent that temperature transfer from happening by up 98 percent.

4. Shutters Are Extremely Customizable
Another great advantage to having shutters cover your windows is that they are very customizable. That means you can buy shutters that perfectly match the interior design of your home or any particular room in the house. They come in an unlimited number of materials and colors. You can buy wooden shutters, metal shutters, aluminum shutters, plastic shutters, bamboo shutters, glass shutters, and more. They also come in a variety of different design motifs, such as classical, modern, retro, industrial, antique, artistic, and much more. You can even paint shutters yourself, as many of them are for sale in a paint-ready state, complete with a layer of high-quality primer already applied.

5. Shutters Are Super Easy to Operate
Let us not forget another key reason why shutters are so universally popular. It is due to the fact that they are super easy to operate and control. In fact, they are so easy to open and close or retract, that even a small child can operate them safely. Most shutter designs have a pull string at their side that allows you to finetune the shutter bar openings in order to control the amount of light that gets into your home. The shutter blinds can also manually swivel usually, giving you the ability to control the direction you want the light to shine in. Many shutters can also be locked into place, making it impossible for the wind to blow them open unexpectedly. Lastly, shutters are very easy to replace or install, requiring only basic home tools such as an electric power drill or electric screwdriver and some very basic hardware items.

6. Sunlight Protection
As we all know quite well, sunlight can badly fade and damage furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, appliances, family photos, and many other important items found within your home. For example, the last thing that you would ever want getting sun faded or warped is a grand piano, family heirloom, valuable artwork, or any other expensive or sentimental object. Thankfully, shutters can be left closed 24/7, blocking out sunlight from particular windows or skylights constantly. This is a necessity when it comes to protecting our possessions from sun damage. This is especially relevant if you live in an extremely hot or sunny part of the world.

7. They Regulate Room Lighting
Another core function of a shutter is to regulate the amount of sunlight that comes into your house. If you are in the mood for tons of sunlight then you can open your shutters all the way, letting the most light in possible. If, however, you are in the mood for only a moderate amount of sunlight, then you can adjust the shutter openings to only allow a moderate amount of daylight to enter the house. Shutters are extremely adjustable, allowing you to meticulously finetune exactly how much light you want to let into your home at any point throughout the day. You can even block out light from a bright street light at night time. Brisbane Blinds can install top quality shutters or blinds in your home that will help you set the perfect lighting mood within your house

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