5 Types of Bitcoins to Buy With Credit Card

Earlier on, buying bitcoin with a credit card used to be a confusing and challenging task to perform. However, nowadays, Coinmama and Bitpanda allow you to buy bitcoin process fast and straightforward.

Some of the exchanges need you to have a Bitcoin wallet; therefore, it is essential to have one before performing the exchange to avoid inconveniences. However, it also has some risks; therefore, you have to ensure that the company you purchase is legitimate and regulated.

This is because some fake companies could be in a position to get information about credit cards. That means that they may use your information to make fraud purchases which is risky.

Below are some of the exchanges that are proved for purchasing Bitcoin with a credit card:

  1. CoinGate

It is one of the most common Bitcoin broker that allows its customers to do their transactions using other cryptocurrencies. They offer the top most securities to their customers.

  1. Coinbase

This is known to be the most significant Bitcoin broker in the whole world. It has relatively low charges and is user-friendly. The only problem it has is that it is not available in other countries. It has more than twenty million customers around the world. In addition to that, coinbase charges a convenience fee to its customers in all credit card transactions. This has made it more convenient and affordable for customers to buy Bitcoin with a credit card and has enabled it to attract many customers. It operates in more than ninety countries worldwide and gives an additional bitcoin bonus the more you purchase the Bitcoin.

  1. Binance

It is considered the most recent exchange because it has not lasted for a long time. It only deals in crypto exchange; however, it is possible to purchase bitcoins with a credit card due to its partnership with simplex. Binance has grown and has defeated most of the exchanges. This has enabled it to become popular within a short period.

  1. LocalBitcoins

It makes it easy to use interface and also has several sellers. LocalBitcoins offers high charges for the purchase of credit cards, which scares away most customers.

It provides numerous sellers and accepts different payment methods, making it more convenient for the purchase. The most common problem with this is that there are many scammers, so you have to choose the customers wisely.

  1. Coinmama

This is known to offer fast services and also has good support for its customers.

This means that you can instantly receive your Bitcoin after confirming your purchase, making it more reliable. It specializes in the purchase of Bitcoins through a credit card, and it has been operating on this for almost ten years.

The Final Word

There are several exchanges you can use to purchase Bitcoin, which makes it challenging to decide which one to use. Therefore, it is essential to know the cons and pros of exchange to help you determine the one that is best for you. You can also decide to try a given exchange with only a tiny amount of money and, after that, move in with a large amount after you are well conversant with it.

After you make your first you will be able to decide which platform is the most appealing to you.

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