4 new countries in MetaQuotes’ Economic Calendar

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4 new countries in MetaQuotes

Forex trading platform developer MetaQuotes just announced that it has expanded the economic calendar geographically by adding the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Switzerland on top of the United States, Japan and the European Union. China, Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico and Singapore.

When a country is added, all economic indices that have a significant impact on the national currency in the calendar are included. Descriptions are professionally translated into 7 languages.

Constant calendar improvements and development updates along with the addition of extra countries, are by no means the sole advantages of MetaQuotes’ service.

The company gives you 9 more reasons to add the calendar in your website. Check them out below:

2. Full description of events with forecasts and archived data

One of the key distinguishing features of the MetaQuotes calendar is data completeness. Each indicator has a separate page with a detailed description along with complete data on the event, including its influence on a particular currency. The description also includes a reference to the source, dates of the previous/next releases of the event, as well as its archived values: actual and forecast. For analysis clarity, the entire dynamics distribution is presented in the chart.

3. It is free

The development of a professional economic calendar is a complex task which requires considerable time and human resources. Due to the intensive development resources, some companies distribute such products on a commercial basis. Fortunately, this is not the case with our solution — we allow our customers to set it up for free.

4. No ads

Some financial resources offer their calendars for free, but with built-in advertising. The professional calendar from MetaQuotes offers no ads and has no plans to introduce them in the future.

5. Full translation into 7 languages

All data in our calendar, including event descriptions, are fully translated into English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and German. This allows traders from different countries to use the economic calendar in their native language. The complete translation favorably distinguishes our calendar from many other similar solutions which declare support for 10-15 languages. In reality, only interface elements are translated, while event names and descriptions remain in English.

On top of the above, our solution accommodates a nice bonus. The widget adjusts to the browser’s language and shows your website visitors the calendar in their native language. All this happens automatically without the need for any additional settings.

6. Traders remain in your website

Leading financial data providers feature their own economic calendars which can only be used in their own websites. Our calendar incorporates a convenient widget that can be easily embedded to your website. Traders will no longer have to browse through third-party websites searching for relevant information. Also, the service allows you to attract new website visitors.

7. Events from primary sources

Our calendar receives news first-hand with no delays. No intermediary websites are used. Each event description has a link to the source. This operation mode is difficult to be implemented, but it guarantees complete reliability and accuracy of the collected data.

8. Time zone selection

The MetaQuotes calendar publishes events for countries located in different time zones: United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia among others. Important events tracking is maintained via local time adaptation. Manual adaptation of time zones is also possible. This feature provides your visitors with protection against missing news releases.

9. Calendar auto update

Our calendar is updated automatically immediately after a new event appears in the source. This is different from free versions of some other calendars which need to be updated manually. Our service relieves traders from the necessity of constantly re-loading the page, while it avoids the related negative feedback and an excessive load in the website.

10. Easy installation

The calendar can be set up in just a few clicks. Specify the desired calendar width/height and the default period (the current day or week) here, and you are ready to go. The remaining parameters are adjusted automatically. Simply copy the generated code and paste it in your web page.

4 new countries in MetaQuotes Conclusion

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