10 Tips To Reduce Working Hours For Entrepreneurs

How To Work Less Without Sacrificing Productivity

For entrepreneurs out there, hustling is the way of life, it is what defines entrepreneurs. However, even if we have super ambitious goals we want to achieve, we tend to forget that we are not superhumans ourselves. Our bodies will break down even if our minds do not. Before you tell yourself you are the special exception, take a pause and think whether you are truly alright. If you are someone who works more than 60 hours a week without a proper break, I can assure you, your body might be crying out for help without you realizing it. So, before it comes to the point where your precious asset, yourself, breaks down, here are some tips on how you can cut down on hours and treat yourself better. Want to optimize payment processes? You can .

Include breaks in your timetable

An entrepreneur’s most trusted aide is definitely the calendar because it contains all the important information like meeting time, meeting agendas, and all that. However, it misses out on one thing which I bet most of you neglect as well. Breaks. Most people plan their day to the tee but miss out on breaks. Making it more apparent on paper will compel you to take breaks, so do that.

Trust in your professional employees

In a business, you have employees around and you will have those who are particularly adept at what they do. These people are your professionals that you should rely more on. Trust in them and learn to let go more from your plate and allow them to carry it out in your stead. In fact, as an uprising leader, micro-managing will not look good on you.

Divide and conquer

Aside from having employees to share the load with, you should also break up your tasks which require more effort or attention. Now is a good time to evaluate whether you are a morning person or evening person. It would be more effective to devote the time when you are most energized to bigger tasks.

Bring yourself back down to earth

In order to keep going at your own business, you would need to be extremely self-motivated and that is a good thing. Except until you are so used to being overly optimistic that you impose those same standards on your working capabilities. You can, without a doubt, be someone capable of achieving many things but there is definitely a limit to it. The sky is not the limit and you need to know when you have reached yours.

Use automation where possible

Maybe back in the days, our predecessors had no options to ease their burden. But we are no longer in that time and age, we have technology on our side. If there are processes that you can save time on by using automation, you should definitely invest in that. This will free up more time for you to catch a breath or even put it to more productive use.

Groom your people

Recall how we mentioned that you should begin entrusting more workload to your professional employees. We need to know that in trying to build up a business, we have to start at the core which people. Building up people will help to further your business. This is your chance to groom leaders that you want to work together with. This will also help free up more time as tasks are split and delegated among trustworthy individuals.

Outsource where possible

Similar to using automation, if there are any tedious tasks on hand, you might want to consider outsourcing them. Sure, at the start it might add to costs, but it could really pay off in the long run. By outsourcing tasks like these, you can focus time and attention on areas that are more crucial. Furthermore, the ability to outsource certain tasks indicates that company finances are healthy and can serve to motivate employees.

Take breaks when you need them

When you indicate your breaks in your calendar, do think of what you want to do to alleviate your stress. Instead of just whittling your time away, it would be good to research certain activities that could get the drive up. These can be adrenaline-raising activities like hitting the gym or going for a run. It can even fall on the more spiritual spectrum like taking up yoga or meditation to dispel negative energy.

Have a fulfilling life outside of work

At this point in your life, work might be the only thing on your mind right now. The vehement struggles for success is the only thing that you do everyday. However, as cliche as it sounds, work-life balance is extremely important to keep one going in the long run. Feeling unfulfilled in other domains in your life will not be healthy for your mental state. Not only does another part of your life provide a haven from stress, but it also helps to train up your character in ways that work does not. Take the opportunity to adopt a new hobby every year.

Motivate and move forward with your team

The journey of an entrepreneur need not be a lonesome one. With the help of your employees, your business can improve by leaps and bounds, provided they feel compelled to join you on your journey. Again, I would like to remind you that people are your number one asset in building up a business. So, it is imperative that you look for ways to connect better with your employees and build genuine relationships with them. There is only so much that we can achieve on our own but with teamwork, the possibilities become endless.


With that, we have come to the end of the guide. Hopefully, it will help you be able to relax more and release pent-up stress. The key thing to remember with these 10 tips is that there are people around you working towards the same goal so you can rely on them and that, your body has a limit so treasure it.

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