EU Weighs Tougher Russian Sanctions Amid Ukraine Unrest

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img European officials weighed expanding sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, where they say the government in Moscow is stoking deadly separatist unrest with the same methods it used to destabilize and annex Crimea.

European Union foreign ministers, gathering for a meeting today in Luxembourg, said the bloc should be prepared to impose a third round of sanctions, including economic measures, as

A bigger 10%-15% correction is coming this autumn: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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img Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist Michael Hartnett says relax, this isn't the big correction. That's coming in September. He tells how to prepare for it.

Stock futures drop as earnings season looms

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img Extending sharp losses from last week, U.S. stocks were poised for a weak open on Wall Street on Monday, as investors geared up for the first-quarter earnings season, which some analysts fear may disappoint. Tech shares dropped, continuing their ride into bear territory.

Ships Colliding in Houston Expose Risks in Oil Channel

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img By the time the ships’ pilots realized they were on a crash course, it was too late.

The fog was just beginning to lift on the Houston Ship Channel midday March 22 as a bulk carrier and a fuel barge found themselves three-quarters of a mile apart. For five minutes, they exchanged radio messages as they tried slowing down, speeding up and reversing while nearing a collision that closed one of t

Dealers say GM customer anxiety rising, sales may take hit

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img An ignition switch defect linked to deadly crashes and mounting recalls are raising anxiety in General Motors Co showrooms, according to dealers who increasingly are fielding calls from customers concerned about the safety of GM cars.

The Ancira Auto Group in San Antonio, Texas, expected a banner March after a strong February, but it came up 28 vehicles short of its goal of selling 200 cars an

Stock futures pare gains after ADP

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img U.S. stock futures pared gains on Wednesday following a report showing a smaller gain in private-sector employment last month than forecast.

Republican budget proposes deep cuts to social programs

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img Representative Paul Ryan, the leading Republican voice on budget policy, rolled out a new fiscal blueprint on Tuesday that calls for deep cuts in domestic programs, increased defense spending and a goal of erasing annual deficits in 10 years.

Ryan's budget, called the "Path to Prosperity," has virtually no chance of becoming law but is expected to serve as a campaign manifesto for Republicans

Russian prime minister flaunts grip on Crimea with visit

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img Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev flaunted Russia's grip on Crimea on Monday by flying to the region and announcing plans to turn it into a special economic zone, defying Western demands to hand the region back to Ukraine.

The visit, hours after Russia held talks on Ukraine with the United States, is likely to anger Kiev and the West, which accuse president Vladimir Putin of illegally seizing the

Spacey Urges 'House of Cards' Tax Break With Real Lawmakersoomberg

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img Actor Kevin Spacey glided past the crab balls and filet-mignon skewers at the Red Red Wine Bar in Annapolis, Maryland, as he charmed a roomful of the state’s political elite.

Among the roughly 150 attendees at the March 21 event were Maryland state lawmakers -- real ones, unlike those who appear in Netflix Inc.’s political thriller “House of Cards,” in which Spacey stars as a manipulative powe

Russia’s Aggression Challenges Obama’s Foreign Policy

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img U.S. President Barack Obama’s plans to forge a foreign policy for a globalized 21st Century have collided in Ukraine with what Secretary of State John Kerry has called 19th-century behavior.

The “bitter divides of the Cold War have been replaced by unity, partnership and peace,” said then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, outlining that 21st-century vision in a speech in Paris in 2010, a yea

U.S. Stocks Pare Gains as Investors Weigh Economic Data

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img U.S. stocks pared gains as investors weighed better-than-forecast data on consumer confidence against a drop in home sales.

The S&P 500 added 0.2 percent to 1,861.24 at 10:53 a.m. in New York, paring an earlier gain of as much as 0.8 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 47.08 points, or 0.3 percent, to 16,323.77. Trading in S&P 500 stocks was 3.9 percent below the 30-day average

Dying Memphis Neighborhood Foretells Next U.S. Crisis: Mortgages

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img When Rebecca Black bought the three-bedroom house at 698 Hazelwood Road in southwest Memphis in May 2005 and moved in with her two teenage sons, it was a quiet community. Children played in the street and neighbors tended their yards. She could afford the $57,000 mortgage if she skipped oil changes for the car and served the boys store-brand groceries.

Then trouble came.

Her next-door neigh

Malaysia prime minister:Missing plane crashed in Indian Ocean

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img Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said new data show that Malaysian Flight 370 crashed in the Indian Ocean. During a news conference in Malaysia Monday evening, he offered condolences to family members, and added that more information would be released Tuesday. An international search was initiated to find the missing plane after it disappeared March 8 with 239 people on board during a flight

Merkel, Hollande Warn on Russia Sanctions Revealing EU Split

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img Germany and France said the European Union won’t rush to impose economic sanctions on Russia for the annexation of Crimea, as the U.S. stepped up its measures against the Kremlin and its allies.

Germany, which is Russia’s biggest EU trading partner, expects the 28-country bloc to expand “stage two” measures in place including travel bans and asset freezes, Chancellor Angela Merkel said before

Two-thirds of those who live paycheck to paycheck aren't poor, study finds

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img A study from Greg Kaplan and Justin Weidner of Princeton University and Giovanni Violante of New York University finds that two-thirds of the 38 million American households who consume all their disposable income every pay period aren’t poor.

The study, released at a Brookings Institution event, found that these so-called wealthy-hand-to-mouth are older than their poor paycheck-to-paycheck cou

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