UK Forex Brokers List

Best UK Forex brokers list by experts, We list only top FCA regulated brokers for beginners want to start Fx trading, If you’re considering to enter the UK Forex trading market you must to find yourself a trustworthy and reliable UK Forex broker, particularly one that’s measured by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA. You’ll do fine to do some online research. Considering at as numerous individual broker and review sites as you can right in, As ForexSQ experts conducted the best UK Forex brokers reviews.

In the simplest of terms, they’re accountable for bringing together two parties, a seller and buyer, to join in a foreign exchange trade. No fees or commissions are charged for their services but the a London base broker marks his money on the difference between the selling and buying price of a currency pair.

On the other hand providing a price and allowing the transaction is not all that they do. Their part is also to give knowledge, advice, help, and their skill and be a consistent partner for your journey into the stimulating world of foreign exchange trading. Everyone will vary slightly in what they provide and obviously there will be some that are far better than others. The most preeminent Forex brokers should be providing full training and support, an eye-catching bonus, good leverage, low spreads, an online trading platform that’s accessible, also being a member of a quality Forex organization.

Top 10 UK Forex Brokers

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  • FxPro – Originated in 2006, London-based FxPro is an online broker providing Forex trading along with CFD’s. Mt4 and trader trading platforms are available. Fxpro Forex broker is one of the Top 10 Forex Brokers in United Kingdom.
  • Plus500 – The Plus500 broker was established in 2008 as an online international trading platform that is popularly used in England, Europe and Australia and elsewhere in the world.
  • eToro – The eToro company is a social trading and multi asset brokerage company in England that has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel.
  • – The maintains its headquarters in Cyprus, UK and is an investment services firm that is operated by Safecap Investments Limited (Safecap), which was founded in 2006 and is a subsidiary of Playtec PLC.
  • AvaTrade – The AvaTrade company was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland and is licensed and fully regulated in the EU and BVI, as well as Australia, Japan and South Africa.
  • HYCM – In trade for 30 years, HYCM offers several trading platforms and a wide variety of trading instruments. HYCM forex broker is one of the Top UK Forex Brokers, It is a division of the Henyep Group, a global corporation with a presence in 20 countries.
  • XM – The forex broker was established in 2009 in the Republic of Cyprus using the name Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd. The broker is regulated by CySEC as well as the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA).
  • UK – is owned by parent company GAIN Capital (NYSE: GCAP). Operating since 2001, it was a first mover in getting currency markets to the selling trader.
  • FXCM UK – provides a no dealing desk model along with competitive spreads. FXCM brokerage provides trading in a wide variety of currencies including the Chinese Yuan.
  • Fxstay – foreign exchange Company provides professional managed forex accounts service in United Kingdom with competitive management fees, their specialty is trading on big investment safely. You dont need to know foreign exchange trading with them as their team handle trading for you.

UK Forex Brokers With MT4 Platform

Metatrader 4 or MT4 is the most popular Forex trading platforms in the whole world. Spread betting firms that offers MT4 give customers the capacity to upload and purchase custom indicators, then run automated trading strategies based on pre-set technical perimeters. Dealers can also follow “Professional Advisors” and trade based on recognised FX policies without the need to physically execute trades.

MetaTrader 4 also offers FX traders with around 400:1 margin, mullet chart capability, micro lot (small per point size), hedging tools, a mobile platform and “One Click Trading” There are only some spread betting brokers that provides access to MT4.

Top UK Forex Companies Offering Spread Betting

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IG Group

IG Group are the most recognized spread betting brokers. As well as their own platform, customers can trade FX, Index and supplies through MT4. They also have a very nice welcome bonus for new customers. New customers can get a minimum deposit bonus of up to £3,750. It is one of the unique and biggest spread betting brokers. It can also offer access to the markets through MT4 as well as their own online platform.

Invented in 1974 as a spread betting business under the name IG Index broker. The company provides trading in sets including EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY with spreads as low as 0.8 pips. IG group are one of the largest Top 10 UK Forex Brokers. Customers mostly trade through their own well recognized platform.  Though, as MT4 is such a popular choice for FX traders recently IG Markets launched an MT4 option.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets was founded in the UK in 1989 and listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 2016. Almost thirty years of experience trading in financial markets has created a loyal following of traders who regularly use this award winning platform for investing their money in various international financial marketplaces.

City Index

Recognized in the UK in 1983, City Index provides Forex trading, CFD‘s and spread betting. The MT4 platform is offered with added tools and features. CityIndex is one of the unique and biggest spread betting brokers. City Index can offer access to the markets through MT4 as well as their own online platform. City index is one of top 10 CFD providers in UK that provides the CFD trading service.

ETX Capital

ETX Capital is a broker that was established in 2002 and is headquartered in London, England. The broker also provides financial spread betting for UK traders.

If you get a deposit bonus, you are more possible to have troubles withdrawing. The difficulty with withdrawing doesn’t necessarily indicate there is anything wrong with the broker, in fact the terms and conditions of the bonus were possibly misunderstood. To avoid difficulties, avoid deposit bonuses.

Different Types of UK Forex Brokers

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In the field of top rated Forex brokers there are three players and you’ll have to select for yourself which is the best method of doing business. The three players are:

Electronic Communications Network

This kind of Forex broker offers a marketplace where a range of dissimilar customers can sell and buy currency pairs in a trading environment that’s totally unidentified. ECN brokers generally charge a small fee for corresponding the traders.

No Dealing Desk

As the name indicates there is no dealing desk. They get the best compound quotes from numerous Forex quote providers. The broker then finishes transactions and saves an eye on and fills their customers’ orders. Sometimes they charge a commission but on the entire they rise the spread to make their profit.

Market Maker

This broker is a type of a middle man. They takings a risk by gaining a certain currency and then attempt to off load it at a price that will make a profit.

Forex Trading Risks and Benefits

Forex trading is actually highly risky and an action that works mostly by technical strategy. However strategies can make you good profits, you can also lose greater deal of the original deposit you make. Therefore it is always directed to recognize all the risks related prior to the account opening.

Finding the Best UK Trading Platforms

The Forex trading market is actually the largest market that does financial services over the world. Nearly £1 trillion is being traded on every days and it is also considerably larger associated to all the stock markets of the world’s combined.

It is alleged that in the current years, a large number of Forex brokers have started approaching in to the Forex trading market.

All of them allow you in opening a UK Forex trading account that means you will be capable to profit from forecasting the actions in the exchange rates amongst the GBP and other countries’ currencies accurately.

Currencies that are been traded in are generally named by the three letter condensations like USD for United States Dollar, GBP for British pound, EUR for Euro.

One of the main profits of the Forex trading is that you will be capable to use a trading system known as ‘leveraging’.

It demonstrate that trading currency far away from the capital in your Forex account can be ready with very few UK Forex broker.

Things to be considered when you essential to UK Forex brokers comparison

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There are generally 3 factors that have to be taken into account for associating the UK Forex trading brokers:

  • What are the different spreads the brokers offer?
  • What are the different currencies they can offer?
  • What are the kind of Forex trading the brokers offer?

Certainly you should also check the kind of different currencies which are provided by the brokers in confirming that you will be capable to make Forex trading in the greatest interested currencies.

Lastly, you have to equate the numerous Forex trading platforms across UK. In the above mentioned are the various ways by which you will be capable to manage your Fx trading account.

It is common that the best UK Forex brokers have the facility of online as well as mobile service by which you can both sell and buy in iPhone devices, Laptop, PC, or other smart phones.

They as well offer the tools that will do loss limiting alike stop loss orders along with confirming no loses away from what you can really afford.

In the UK, the FCA or Financial Services Authority is the only manager that supervises the operations of financial services suppliers. UK Brokerage houses, exchanges and other financial services market all fall under FCA jurisdiction. On the other hand, when it comes to regulation associated to selling, handling and management of investments, as well as conduct of customers, it is the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA UK) that is the main supervisory body. UK based traders can trade and register with any broker. Though, as the UK is a participant of the European Union, trading by means of an EU licensed and regulated UK Forex broker provides security and reassurance. UK Forex brokers should always be FSA controlled.

We endorse that all traders do the suitable research into the numerous Fx brokers before registering with any one of them. We have prepared this search as simple as possible by providing a UK Forex brokers list for you to select from. We’ve studied them all and have carefully chosen the top Forex brokers with a track record in provided that their clients with the best conceivable trading experience.

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