Forex Trading Definition For Beginners

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What Is Forex Trading

Linguistically speaking, the word “Forex” is a blend word, the result of combining the two words “foreign” and “exchange.”

Forex is an investment opportunity whereby you can make money online by trading one or more foreign currencies for another at an agreed exchange price in the online over-the-counter (OTC) Forex trading market (Fx trading).

The Fx trading market is like any other market where goods are traded except that Fx involves only trading foreign currencies. Foreign currency exchange is the most traded market in the world even more than stock markets, The Forex market is turning over an average of $5.3 trillion each and every day.

The FX trading market involves free-floating currencies (or those not supported by any specific material like silver or gold), which are treated like goods in the Fx trading market. You can buy Euro dollars by paying Australian dollars or you can buy the Japanese Yen by paying U.S. dollars, etc.

Profits and losses in the online Forex market are based on fluctuations in the values of different currencies, with the two most widely traded currencies being the U.S. dollar and the Euro (kings of currencies). The Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar are also popular for currency exchanges.

In Fx, traders use leveraging to profit from differences in exchange rates between two countries. Since Forex is a “leveraged” product, you are only required to make a deposit equal to a small percentage of the full value of the currency and the remainder is a “loan” (or leverage) provided to traders by the Fx broker who is handling their account(s). This translates to significantly higher profits (or losses) from initial capital spent than in traditional trading. The leverage that is attainable in the Fx market is one of the highest for investors.

In order to participate in the Fx market, a trader must first open a currency trading account with a broker. In order to trade $100,000 worth of currency with a margin of 1%, a trader only has to deposit $1,000 into his or her account. The amount of leverage provided is usually 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200 or more, depending on the broker and the amount the investor is trading.

You may think 100:1 leveraging seems extremely risky, but it’s significantly less considering that currency prices usually don’t change by more than 1% in daily trading. If currency values fluctuated as much as equities, brokers wouldn’t be able to provide as much leverage.

24 Hours

Forex trading is conducted 24 hours a day Monday through Friday, but  the best Fx players (like big banks and large international corporations) are online all the time for trading currencies, This is only one of advantages of currency trading.


The trading of foreign currencies online is a leveraged product, which means that you are only required to deposit a small percentage of the full value of your account funds to place an Fx trade. This translates to the potential for profits or losses from an initial capital outlay being significantly higher than in traditional trading.

When an investor decides to invest in the Fx market, he or she must first open a currency trading account with a broker.  In Fx trading,  investors use leverage to profit from fluctuations in exchange rates between two different countries.  Leverage is basically a loan that is provided to a trader by the Fx broker who is handling an Fx account.  The leverage that is achievable in the Forex market is one of the highest obtainable by investors.

Usually, the amount of leverage provided is either 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200 or more, depending on the broker and the size of the position the investor is trading.  Standard trading is done on 100,000 units of currency, which is called “one lot.”  For a trade of this size, the leverage provided is usually 50:1 or 100:1.  Leveraging of 200:1 is usually used for positions of $50,000 or less. 

The leverage provided on a currency trade is 100:1.  In other words,  in order to trade $100,000 of currency with a 1% margin, a trader will only have to deposit $1000 into his or her margin account.  Leverage of this size is significantly larger than the 2:1 leverage commonly provided on equities and the 15:1 leverage provided by the futures market.

Although 100:1 leverage may seem extremely risky, the risk is significantly less when you consider that currency prices usually change by less than 1% during one day of trading. 

If currencies fluctuated as much as equities, online brokers would not be able to provide as much leverage.

Foriegn Exchange Pricing

All Forex trading is quoted in terms of one currency versus another.  Each currency pair has a “base” currency and a “counter” currency. The base currency is the one appearing on the left of the currency pair and the counter currency appears on the right. For example, in “EUR/USD,” the EUR is the “base” currency and the USD is the “counter” currency.

Currency price fluctuations are triggered by currencies either appreciating in value (strengthening) or depreciating in value (weakening). For example, If the price of EUR/USD fell, this would indicate that the counter currency (US dollar) was appreciating, while the base currency (Euros) was depreciating. 

When trading in Fx, you would buy a currency pair if you think that it will strengthen against the counter currency. Alternatively,  you would sell a currency pair if you thought the base currency was weakening in value against the counter currency and make profit.


The word “pip” is an acronym for “price interest point” or “point in percentage.”  A pip measures the amount of fluctuation in the exchange rate for a currency pair.  For currency pairs displayed with four decimal places, one pip is equal to 0.0001.  

Most currency pairs are quoted to five decimal points, with the change from the 4th decimal in price commonly being referred to as a “pip.”   For example, if the price of the EUR/USD currency pair moved from 1.33800 to 1.33920, it is said to have climbed by 12 pips (92-80=12).

Simply stated, a pip is what we in the Fx market consider a “point” for calculating profits and losses.


The difference between the bid and asking price of a currency is referred to as the “spread.”  For example, for EUR/USD dealing at 1.33800/1.33808, the spread is 0.8 pips or 0.00008.  The exceptions to this are the JPY pairs, which are quoted with just two decimal places.  For example, a USD/JPY price of 97.41/97.44 displays a 3 pip spreads.”

How To Trade Forex

In order to begin trading in the Fx market, you must download an online trading platform. To do that, you need to sign up with a broker to open a real account or a free demo account.  After setting up a real account, you can start trading currency online. You can fund your real trading account using a variety of methods that include credit cards, bank electronic fund transfers (EFTs), PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin.

How To Open Forex Account

Before you can open an Fx trading account, you need to find a broker.  There are thousands of brokers all over the world and, for your assistance in choosing one, the ForexSQ team has compiled a list of the best brokers for opening an Fx trading account. After opening an account, you can begin trading online.

Make Money Even You Don’t Know Trading Foreign Exchange Currencies

Many investors prefer to do their own trading online, but many also prefer to open managed accounts.  With a managed account, professional and experienced hedge fund managers will do the trading for you and split the profits at the end of each month or at the end of the financial year.  You don’t have to know anything about Fx with a managed account run by trading experts.

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