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Read the best Binary Options brokers reviews at ForexSQ, Our team spend a lot of time to review the best binary brokers in the world. If you want to hire binary options brokers i must tell you there are several brokers in the industry prepared and willing to work with you but the problem to hiring a binary options broker is not all brokers are correct for all investors. Here, are a number of tips & binary options brokers review to help you select the best binary options broker UK, US, Australia and other countries. Risking your hard-earned money in the stock market and other financial investment platforms can be very confusing and downright scary at times. Many people are reluctant to even get involved in financial investments because their lack of knowledge and the possibility of losing money greatly outweigh their curiosity about making money online in various financial markets, So its better to do a binary options brokers comparison before open a trading account.

That’s certainly true of investing in binary options which are not as simple as buying shares of stock in some company and then and waiting to see how the price fluctuates in the future.  

What is a Binary Options

A binary option is an all or nothing proposition because the payoff structure is such that you will be either be compensated a fixed pre-determined amount of money upon expiration of the option (all of which is outlined in the initial binary option agreement) … or you lose your entire investment in that binary option upon its expiration.  It depends entirely on the position you take and the number of units which are the subject of the binary option(s).

The experience and wisdom of a binary options broker like those at cannot be overstated, especially to those who are new to this trading platform. Newbies can open trading accounts through brokers list and our team of professional investors will assist with every aspect of your binary option agreement, including determining which options in which to invest, how much to invest, as well as trading histories of various companies and other assets that are the subject of binary options. Investors also have the benefit of our brokerage firm’s wealth of research and historical statistics for various investment assets and trading platforms.

How To Choose The Best Binary Options Brokers

To assist you in locating and hiring a binary options broker, the experts at have compiled the following information for you to consider before finalizing any brokerage agreement.

1  Research

Do as much research as possible on any broker(s) you are considering.  It is usually helpful to ask family, friends and colleagues who are already involved in investment markets about their particular brokers and their satisfaction with and success of the advice they received on conducting various investment trades.

2  Fees

Brokers who trade binary options can be compensated for their services in several ways. When potential investors look for market information about pricing of a binary option, the “expected payout” amounts they see include a small covert percentage that is actually kept by the broker.  

Another way binary option brokers make money is directly through the trades made by their clients.  For example when a broker conducts trades of foreign currencies (forexon behalf of clients, it’s safe to assume that half of the clients invested in that forex pair will predict (bet) the price goes up and the other half will bet the price goes down. In this fairly typical scenario, the broker is compensated by clients one way or the other.

Some brokers charge fees for setting up binary options and some are paid every time they conduct a trade on behalf of clients. Regardless, the maximum amount of fees you have to pay should not exceed 10% to 15%. A few brokers also offer repayment policies in the event your trade doesn’t make money, but this has to be asked for upfront, arranged and outlined in the original agreement.  

When contracting with a binary options broker, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the contract and its “small print” and understand the fee schedule, commissions and all costs involved, as well as payouts you can expect at the end of the option period.  

3  Customer Service

This is one of the most important things to consider inasmuch availability of customer service when you need it is critical to your trading strategies. You should determine whether customer service is accessible via online chatting or email, whether you can reach them by telephone or face-to-face consultation and, most importantly, make sure that they offer customer service in the language you speak.

4  Technology

Computers and the internet have changed the way we do everything and that includes financial investments.  In the past, a broker might have provided you with a software program that you could download on your home computer to entertain yourself until your next meeting with the broker.

Those days are gone and now you should be able to access your broker‘s website and your trading account anytime and in whatever language you prefer.  This enables you to keep abreast using the latest version of whatever trading platform the broker utilizes. 

5  Mobile Account Access

Many investors want accessibility using Smartphones and other electronic devices that provide internet access from just about anywhere.  If mobile trading is important to you, make sure it’s an option offered by prospective brokers.

Your brokerage account should allow you to review all of your account information, including your assets, as well as current and past trading transactions, in one user friendly platform.

It’s also important that your trading account not get hacked by fraudsters who want to steal your information or identity. Make sure your broker’s account is secure and safe from hacking.

6  Diversity

If your investment portfolio includes a lot of trading platform options, you want to make sure that your broker’s trading software can accommodate all the ones you use. Many software programs are “binary options only,” but there are other multi-platform software programs that include binary options. Be sure you know what the broker offers.

7  Continuing Education

Most investors find it useful to access information that enables them to learn about binary options trading and other trading platforms.  Your broker’s website should include a means of educating yourself about investment platforms, strategies and results.  It should also include a demo account that you can use to practice virtual trading before actually opening a real trading account and venturing into trading assets online in real time.

8  Monetary Transactions

At the expiration of the binary option periodthe broker and investor want to get paid as soon as possible. Payment and withdrawal options vary between brokers and you should make sure that you will be compensated within three business days, or you may want to use a different broker.  Some brokerages use bank EFTs (electronic fund transfers) or debit or credit cards for the initial transaction and then clients withdraw funds through a PayPal account or other banking option.  Monetary options vary between brokers, so be sure you understand their policies. 

9  Comparison

To help you decide on a binary options broker, the professional investors at ForexSQ have compiled the binary options brokers comparison so  you can email us to choose the best binary broker for you.

10  Summary

There are obviously a lot of things to consider before signing on the dotted line with any brokerage firm.  The above guidelines are critical for you to consider before entering into any binary option agreement.  

Best UK Binary Options Brokers Review

Binarybrokers in the United Kingdom are licensed through and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec).  These organizations regulate the financial investment industry for the entire European Union (EU).

Other countries have different regulatory authorities and some have no regulatory body overseeing investment transactions.  You would be wise to avoid trading in those countries and stick to the ones that are well regulated to reduce financial risks.

As always, feel free to browse our website or contact the experts at with any questions you may have about binary option trading and binary option brokers all over the world.


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Other Binary Options Brokers

The brokers list below is without any rating and its just for your information to know more about other brokers, If you want to open demo or live online trading account then use brokers above, this list will update.

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