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The professional investors at have researched various software applications for use in trading currencies in the international foreign currency exchange market known as “forex.” When a prospective investor chooses a brokerage firm for trading assets in various financial markets, that firm utilizes a software program designed especially for trading in financial investment markets throughout the world. For your convenience in determining which online trading platform is best for your particular financial needs, our experts have compared various computer software available in the forex industry and offer the following review of the best forex trading platforms. Finding the best trading platform is hard but ForexSQ experts will help you to start your trading with the best online trading platform by this article.

Forex Trading Platforms Definition

Computers and the internet have completely changed the way brokers and investors conduct trades, displacing the old system of open outcries and telephone-based trading that monopolized the industry for many years.

When referring to various trading platforms, experts in the field of financial investments like those at are referring to computer software programs that were created to make it more convenient for brokers and investors alike to easily conduct trades in financial markets around the world. 

These online software programs are used daily by experts in the field for trading stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign currencies, contracts for difference (CFDs), binary options and other derivatives typically traded in financial markets.

The various software programs and computers that run them have made it possible for brokers and investors around the world to manage investment portfolios from the comfort of the their own homes or anywhere else they may choose to do so.

Electronic communication networks (ECNs) typically stream live financial market prices, news feeds and account information and provide a variety of trading tools not previously available to investors in trading market platforms.

Best Forex Trading Platform

Before choosing a forex broker, make sure they offer free demo accounts for you to experiment and become comfortable with the platform they use to manage trading for investors.  Once you feel confident enough to make critical investment decisions on your own, you can open a real trading account and begin making money online by delving into the popular international realm of forex trading. 

MetaTrader 4

MetaQuotes Software developed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as a trading platform in forex markets whereby investors can download the software program through a variety of brokerage firms, free of charge, and begin accessing valuable resources and tools that allow traders to analyze prices, as well as place and manage their trades through an automated online system.

The MT4 trading platform is the most widely used by brokers and investors in the forex market because of its simplicity and user-friendly menu and toolbar.  This software uses MetaQuotes Language (MQL), which compiles data quickly and allows trading of all kinds, including hedging, but may be limited depending on your region and the broker you use.

This older version of the trading platform enjoys large support from the community of investors who use it and remains the most widely used forex trading platform among brokers and investors around the world.

Mobile Trading with MT4

Today’s investors need to access their investment trading accounts from anywhere and at any time and they can easily monitor their investment portfolios using MT4’s free mobile trading application for use with smartphones, tablets and other mobile electronic devices.

With its advanced tutorial for optimizing trade strategies, broad analytical capabilities with technical indicators, easy to understand and use menu and toolbar, customer support and availability of a mobile app, our experts consider MT4 the best trading platform for forex trading.  

MetaTrader 5

Improvements were made in the trading software with the introduction in 2010 of the new updated version called MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

Major differences in the updated software program include the ability to maintain six types of pending orders (as opposed to four orders with MT4) and two types of stop orders, additional technical indicators, twenty-two analytical objects, forty-six graphical objects, additional chart time frames (daily, weekly and yearly) and the ability to open up to a hundred charts at once.  Depending on your particular broker, MT5 may also provide access to more financial trading markets, including CFDs, commodities, indices and futures markets.   

MT5 is a valuable tool that gives investors access to its rich analytical arsenal and everything needed to manage investments through an automated trading platform that provides tools to analyze market price dynamics and place trades online in a variety of financial trading marketplaces. 

Because of its full functionality, MT5 is unsurpassable in modern investment software, which makes it a valuable tool for investors in financial markets around the world, including forex.  

Mobile Trading with MT5 

The MT5 trading software is available in a free app for smartphones, Androids, tablets and other electronic devices that make it possible to monitor your investment trading account and view your trading history at any time and from anywhere in the world. 

cTrader Forex Trading Platform 

The cTrader Trading Platform is an innovative ECN designed specifically for trading foreign currencies and CFDs on spot gold and silver.

With its high speed, advanced functionality and multi-bank liquidity, cTrader is a valuable user-friendly tool that has proven powerful in enabling investors to trade at a higher level than ever before.

FxPro is a broker (with Integral and cTrader as software service partners) which uses the cTrader platform to provide forex traders access to ECNs in trading markets around the world.

Its prime broker is Morgan Stanley International and FxPro broker has liquidity providers such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Citibank and more, that enable it to create investment software that features superior functionality with streaming prices from many global financial institutions around the world.

Active traders all over the world appreciate FxPro’s deep liquidity on more than fifty popular foreign currency pairs and CFD trading on spot gold and silver.

WebTrader Trading Platform

Most brokerage firms utilize several forex trading platforms like MT4 and Webtrader, which are two of several general trading platforms that can be used by brokers to provide clients access to their trading accounts online. HYCM is a forex broker that provides the WebTrader platform to investors.  

Summary of the Best Forex Trading Platforms

Brokers around the world provide their clients with general forex trading platforms, like MT4, MT5, etc.  These trading platforms allow investors free access to their forex trading accounts and reliable up-to-date streaming market information that enables investors to make well informed decisions about their trading accounts in a wide variety of investment arenas.

The best forex trading platforms give investors a free demo account with which to learn trading in a virtual scenario, as well as the ability to open a real trading account from which they can access critical market information in a variety of financial investment arenas around the world, conduct trades and manage their accounts simply and easily with the click of a button.   

Some forex trading platforms were specifically designed to allow investors access to financial markets (CFD and other derivatives and margin trading on forex) that were previously only accessible by brokers and brokerage firms.

Some forex platforms are designed to do the work for you by performing technical analysis to automatically trade using specific strategies or to engage in high frequency trading.  

The best forex trading platforms for investors to confidently conduct trades in financial markets around the world are those that provide great customer service and access to an investor’s trading account with a variety of charts, graphs, live streaming information and convenient order taking methods.

The best platforms should also enable an investor to manage his investment account with one-click efficiency and to do it from a desktop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile electronic device.    

In today’s busy global financial marketplaces, it is also important for the best forex trading platforms to be accessible from anywhere using a variety of mobile electronic devices that are typical in our ever changing high tech world.

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