‘I Think I’m Going to Die,’ Student on Korean Ferry Phoned

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img Park Ji Yoon hadn’t wanted to go on her high school’s trip to the South Korean resort island of Jeju. She hated riding on ferries.

When she called the grandmother who had raised her, more than 12 hours after the ferry had departed with her and more than 300 classmates on it, the girl’s voice was shaking.

The two had spoken 90 minutes earlier, said Kim Ok Young, 74. Ji Yoon said then that th

Ukraine Crisis Deepens as Putin Invokes 'Right' to Invade

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img Russian President Vladimir Putin said he hopes he won’t have to use his “right” to send troops to Ukraine as both countries’ foreign ministers met their counterparts from the U.S. and Europe over the crisis.

Ukrainian police killed three pro-Russian fighters and wounded 13 after an attack on a national-guard base in the southeastern city of Mariupol overnight, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov sa

Russia says Ukraine on brink of civil war

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img Russia declared Ukraine on the brink of civil war on Tuesday as Kiev said an "anti-terrorist operation" against pro-Moscow separatists was under way, with troops and armored personnel carriers seen near a flashpoint eastern town.

Twenty-four hours after an Ukrainian ultimatum expired for the separatists to lay down their arms, witnesses however saw no signs yet that Kiev forces were about to s

Ukraine President threatens military operation as unrest grows

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img Ukraine's president on Monday threatened military action after pro-Russian separatists occupying government buildings in the east ignored an ultimatum to leave and another group of rebels attacked a police headquarters in the troubled region.

Acting president Oleksander Turchinov also held out the possibility of a referendum on the future shape of the Ukrainian state, partly addressing demands

Australian Search Plane Detects Possible Signal in Ocean

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img An Australian search plane picked up a transmission around the area where a ship previously heard pings, a day after investigators expressed optimism they can soon locate the missing Malaysian Air (MAS) jet in the Indian Ocean.

A Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion aircraft detected the possible signal “in the vicinity” of where defense ship Ocean Shield earlier heard pings, Australia’s Joi

Russia's Putin wants talks with Europe on Ukraine gas debt

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img President Vladimir Putin has told European leaders a dispute over Ukraine's gas debt to Russia could affect supplies of Russian gas to Europe and proposed urgent discussions on the matter, his spokesman said on Thursday.

The remarks were the strongest sign yet that Russia could curtail supplies of gas to Ukraine, which could increase tension between Moscow and Kiev and aggravate the worst cris

Toyota Recalls More Than 6 Million Vehicles Worldwide

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img Toyota Motor Corp. (7203), the world’s largest carmaker, called back more than 6 million vehicles to fix a range of safety defects in one of the biggest recalls in automotive history.

The company found five types of safety hazards in vehicles including some of its top sellers such as the Camry sedan, RAV4 sport utility vehicle and Corolla cars, according to a statement today. The carmaker isn’

Malaysia Flight 370: Signals consistent with those from data recorders

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img After weeks of searching vast swaths of ocean, investigators now have their "most promising" lead yet in efforts to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

A pinger locator in the Indian Ocean has detected signals consistent with those sent by a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, said the head of the Australian agency coordinating search operations.

The signals were picked up Sun

Russia trying to 'dismember' Ukraine through protests, Kiev says

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img Pro-Russian protesters have seized state buildings in several east Ukrainian cities, prompting accusations from Kiev that Moscow is trying to "dismember" the country.

The protesters broke into a regional administrative building in the mining city of Donetsk on Sunday as well as security services offices in nearby Luhansk, where police said they had seized weapons.

A self-proclaimed legislat

Flight 370 Search Gains Vessel With Black Box-Detector

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img NATO foreign ministers meet today to discuss their next steps after Russian President Vladimir Putin began withdrawing forces stationed on Ukraine’s border.

In the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will recommit to the defense of its eastern European allies and pledge long-term support for Ukraine at a meeting that starts at 1 p.m. in Brussels. Putin

Global Growth at Risk as Ukraine Adds to Known Unknowns

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img Known unknowns are multiplying in a new threat to global economic expansion.

While economists Mohamed El-Erian of Allianz SE, Allen Sinai of Decision Economics Inc. and Morgan Stanley’s Joachim Fels see growth speeding up this year, mounting geopolitical strains in Ukraine and elsewhere are prompting them to turn more guarded about the outlook.

Search for missing jet shifts after new lead | Video

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img Australia says they are shifting the focus of the search for the missing jet, 1,100 km northeast, after new radar data suggests it traveled faster. Michaela Cabrera reports

Search for Jet Shifts as Lead Indicates Shorter Path

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img The hunt for Malaysian Air Flight 370 shifted focus for the third time in as many weeks after new analysis indicated the plane could have gone down hundreds of miles from the previous search area.

The lead is based on radar and performance data as the jet flew between the South China Sea and Malacca Strait, authorities said. It shows the Boeing Co. (BA) 777 moved faster, using more fuel, and m

Ukraine’s Top Diplomat Says Risk of War With Russia Grows

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img Ukraine’s foreign minister said the risk of war with Russia was growing as President Barack Obama prepared to travel to Europe amid calls from U.S. lawmakers for more Western support for the Kiev government.

U.S. officials said Russian troops are massed along virtually the entire Ukrainian border and have about doubled in number from when Moscow’s defense ministry first announced military exer

Putin Threatened With More Sanctions as Russia Out of G-8

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img The world’s top industrial powers threatened further sanctions to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from taking over other parts of Ukraine and suspended Russia from participating in the Group of Eight.

Meeting for the first time since last week’s annexation of Crimea by Russia, Group of Seven leaders said last night they won’t attend a planned G-8 meeting which was to have been held in S

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